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India, Pakistan take steps to prepare for war

By John Burke | Related entries in Barack, India, Pakistan

Indian Army troops of the famed Gurkha Rifles on parade A flurry of reports in the Indian, Pakistani and Western media indicate that both India and Pakistan are taking serious steps to prepare for a new conflict between the two nations, which have fought three wars since 1947, in the wake of the November 26 […]

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Is India getting ready to strike Pakistan?

By John Burke | Related entries in India, Pakistan

Above: Indian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30 MKI multi-role strike fighter As the luxury Taj and Trident hotels prepared to reopen for the first time since the November 26th terrorist attacks in Mumbai, The Times of India reported that India is “keeping the military option alive and kicking in face of Pakistan doublespeak on the crackdown […]

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India Won’t Move Troops to Pakistani Border

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in India, Pakistan, Terrorism

After last week’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, many feared India would respond by using its military to escalate tensions with Pakistan. Now, reports indicate India will take a diplomatic approach. Because there is not substantial proof that Pakistan coordinated or sponsored the attacks, India does not want to make a move that could put the […]

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Why Are McClatchy Newspapers Outsourcing Ad Production To India?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in India, Jobs, Media, Money, The World

The media chains are are at it again, and this time it’s affecting people in my hometown. From Associated Content: Plenty of Kansas Citians are up in arms over a recent announcement that The Kansas City Star is outsourcing all of the jobs of those who are in the advertising services department – in fact, […]

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