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Mr. Jindal Heads To Iowa

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Does this guy really want to be the sacrificial lamb in 2012? Because nobody’s going to blame Obama for this economic downturn (except hardcore Friedmanites), and if Obama creates 2.5 million jobs in the next few years, he’s got 2012 in the bag. In any event, here’s more from CNN: (CNN) — Bobby Jindal’s in […]

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Bobby Jindal To Go To Iowa Soon

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If he’s truly thinking about running in 2012, I think that’s a mistake since he’ll literally be 41 years old at the time. Then again, that’s what they said about Obama a couple years ago, although Obama had more legislative experience when he ran than Jindal will have in 2012. And actually, both Huckabee and […]

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Huckabee Heads To Iowa This Month

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Sure, it’s just a book tour, but we all know what it’s really about. From NY Times: Mr. Huckabee’s new book could offer him a fresh platform to weigh in on the emerging debate over the Republican Party’s future. His Web site describes it as: “Huckabee’s amazing story, in his own words s — from […]

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Obama Wins In Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and New York

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79 electoral votes here for the Illinois senator. Moving on… Tweet

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CNN: Obama Leads In 7 Out Of 7 Battlegrounds

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The poll of polls reveals Obama holding steady. Colorado… CNN’s new Colorado Poll of Polls shows Obama leading McCain by 6 points 51% to 45%; The last Colorado Poll of Polls –- released Saturday –- showed Obama leading McCain by 7 points. Florida… An average of polls conducted in battleground Florida, shows Obama leading McCain […]

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McCain Embraces Ethanol

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Looks like Palin mentioning ethanol subsidies in Iowa a couple days ago wasn’t a sign of her going “rogue.” In any event, here’s more from Politico: “On the subject of ethanol, my friends, I will open every market in the world to the best products in the world, and that’s the American agricultural farmer and […]

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Palin Breaks With McCain Over Ethanol Subsidies?

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In Iowa today she said she supported ethanol. Now, for anybody who knows about McCain’s opinions on ethanol subsidies, this is a BIG no no. In fact, he’s so famously against ethanol subsidies that he never even bothered running in Iowa this election cycle and instead focused on New Hampshire. And I think we’re all […]

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Former Iowa GOPer Endorses Obama

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First, the story of a man who has never endorsed a Democrat… Former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach — a Republican — endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama this morning. Leach, as you may recall, lost his bid for re-election in 2006 after three decades representing portions of eastern Iowa in congress. Leach was considered a […]

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Rasmussen: Obama Up By 5 In Iowa

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Obama – 49% McCain – 44% 3rd Party – 2% Undc’d – 5% The numbers above represent the “with leaners” numbers. Usually I include both in Rasmussen daily polling, but for the purposes of state polls, I’m going to just feature the “with leaners” up top. However, “without leaners” numbers still show a 5% margin […]

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Obama Adds Staff In Iowa…But Are They Really For Missouri?

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I reported about his big push in Missouri, and now it appears as if he’s adding staff in the Hawkeye State too…which is a curious moves since Iowa has been leaning blue this entire election season. From Des Moines Register… Obama has 15 campaign offices open and staffed in Iowa, while McCain is still plotting […]

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