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Joe The Plumber As War Correspondent?

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Pajamas TV just got more awesome! Because now they’re sending somebody into the field who agreed that “a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel.” Here’s the announcement… Honestly, I think they’re using this guy as a stunt, but if he’s willing to be used that’s his cross to bear. By […]

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Obama and Gaza

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Israel

Over the last week, some Americans and many others around the world have grown increasingly irritated with Barack Obama’s silence on the conflict in Gaza. Yesterday Obama at least acknowledged he is engaged with the issue. Is that enough? Knowing Obama’s plans for resolving the conflict would be useful to many. But he is smart […]

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Obama Finally Talks About Gaza

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But only briefly. Here’s what he said… “I’m very concerned with the conflict taking place there,” Obama said. “I’m monitoring the situation on a day to day basis. “The loss of civilian life in Gaza and in Israel is a source of deep concern to me, and after January 20th I’ll have plenty to say […]

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Quote Of The Day

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Foreign Policy, Israel

“Israel has a special place in each of our hearts. But we recognize that neither Israelis nor Palestinians have a monopoly on right or wrong. While there is nothing “right” in raining rockets on Israeli families or dispatching suicide bombers, there is nothing “right” in punishing a million and a half already-suffering Gazans for the […]

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500+ Palestinians Dead In Gaza

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Israel, Military, The World, War

The fighting is growing more intense as Israel has started their ground offensive. And if Israel doesn’t realize that they’ve overreached here and are losing sympathy around the world, then they better wake up and realize it soon. You can’t kill this many women and children and not get a ton of backlash. From CNN: […]

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I Shot A Rocket Into The Air…

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Meet The Press For 12/28/08

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, History, Israel, Meet The Press, Video

David Alexrod talks about Obama’s economic agenda and Israel’s Tzipi Livini talks about her country’s recent operation in Gaza. By the way, I think Israel’s move was foolish and will only divide the country further. I’m not sure why people continue to think more violence will end violence, but something is going to have to […]

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Jewish Grandchildren for Obama

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Israel, Religion

While Barack Obama has rallied many of the traditionally Democratic voting groups, he’s had some difficulty securing the Jewish vote. Now, there’s a new group trying to solve that problem: Jewish Grandchildren for Obama. The group’s mission is to get younger, pro-Obama Jewish voters to speak with their older friends and relatives in support of […]

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Diplomacy 101

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McCain’s AIPAC Speech Addresses Iran

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Foreign Policy, Iran, Israel, McCain

John McCain’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) gave him the opportunity to concisely explain what he envisions is the appropriate course of action in regards to America’s relationship with Iran. After speaking about the need to preserve Israel and listing the Iranian threats to the Jewish state (both the verbal hate […]

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