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Jindal Says No To 2012?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Jindal

This could be basic “No, no, I wouldn’t dream of it” type of talk, but if he does run for Governor in 2011 then it’ll be hard to fake that. From Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he’s not interested in a 2012 run for president and will seek re-election in 2011. At a news […]

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Jindal 2012 In Full Swing

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Jindal, Republicans

A Washington Post article marks somewhat of an unofficial launch to the Jindal buzz, although we’ve been talking about this since May on Donklephant. In any event…the following sounds very familiar… Jindal insists he is ignoring all the speculation. In Cedar Rapids, at a breakfast event devoted to addressing this beleaguered city’s efforts to rebound […]

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Mr. Jindal Heads To Iowa

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Iowa, Jindal, Republicans

Does this guy really want to be the sacrificial lamb in 2012? Because nobody’s going to blame Obama for this economic downturn (except hardcore Friedmanites), and if Obama creates 2.5 million jobs in the next few years, he’s got 2012 in the bag. In any event, here’s more from CNN: (CNN) — Bobby Jindal’s in […]

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Bobby Jindal To Go To Iowa Soon

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Iowa, Jindal, Louisiana, Republicans

If he’s truly thinking about running in 2012, I think that’s a mistake since he’ll literally be 41 years old at the time. Then again, that’s what they said about Obama a couple years ago, although Obama had more legislative experience when he ran than Jindal will have in 2012. And actually, both Huckabee and […]

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Bobby Jindal Talks GOP Future

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Jindal, Louisiana, Religion, Video

Maybe not in 2012, but be on the lookout for Bobby Jindal in the coming years. He will definitely be a major player. The three things that Jindal cite are definitely what the GOP hung their hat on, but will they have a higher hurdle if Obama is successful with his decidedly liberal economic agenda? […]

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Romney Not Running In 2012?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Jindal, Republicans, Romney

That’s what he apparently claimed a couple weeks ago. From the Post-Gazette via Politico: “I think it’s quite unlikely that I would run for office again,” he said. “I gave this my best effort. My experience in politics is that the window opens rarely. It opened for me. I stepped through it, got on the […]

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Does Palin have a future in national politics?

By Nick Ragone | Related entries in Jindal, Palin

Now that the election is over, it’s not too soon to contemplate Sarah Palin’s future in national politics. Though she’s only been on the national stage for less than three months, I’ve seen enough to proffer a point of view.   I think the evidence is clear: Sarah Palin was a huge net drag on […]

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