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September Jobs Report Puts Unemployment at 7.8%. Lowest Since January 2009.

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114,000 jobs added in September. Not bad, but not great. However, July and August both got BIG revisions upward. 41K more for July and 46K more for August. That puts them at 181K and 142K respectively. Those are starting to look like decent numbers, and may bode well for a September revision upward. Here are […]

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Where’s Obama’s Jobs Bill?!? Oh, Wait. Here It Is.

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But…but…this goes against the Republican narrative! American Jobs Act — Final There really aren’t any controversial elements in here at all. Yes, Republicans are going to push back on any additional spending, but it’ll be hard for them to break this apart and only get the tax cuts through. So it’ll be up to them […]

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Job Numbers Worsen Overall. Corporate Profits Continue To Flourish.

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You can’t look at today’s news and do anything but wince. 18,000 jobs created and the numbers in April and May were revised downward. Unpacking the numbers a bit, 57,000 private sector jobs were created, while budget cuts pushed 39,000 folks out of work in the public sector. So how are businesses doing? Quite well… […]

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ADP: Jobs Grew by Nearly 300,000 In December

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Looks like businesses are finally feeling some confidence. Maybe they read my post? Probably not. Regardless, if the above number holds up when the government reports on Friday it would represent triple what Wall Street was predicting. Daily Finance has more good news: Separately, private placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas said planned layoff announcements […]

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Private Sector Job Growth In 2008, 2009, 2010

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Here ya go… Pretty straightforward. Dems aren’t going to win any economic ingenuity awards, but we’re out of the recession, private sector job growth is still holding on and we’ve got the shopping season coming up, which should drive even more. But what if the Republicans had their way? Well, let’s refer back to the […]

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CBO: Stimulus Created At Least 1.4M Jobs In Q2

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The stimulus did nothing for our economy? It didn’t prevent a second Great Depression? It didn’t help create demand when we literally had deflation? It didn’t prop up a system that relied on consumer spending when consumers weren’t spending? The CBO shines the light: In its latest quarterly assessment of the act, the CBO said […]

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290,000 Jobs Added In April, But Unemployment Rate Goes Up

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The good news is that we added 90,000 jobs more than expected, and this job growth is the most in four years. Still, the unemployment rate went up and could stay there for a while. Because if our economy keeps growing and we continue to add more than a quarter million jobs per month, but […]

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Republicans Target Unemployment Benefits?

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As Americans, we’re accustomed to a certain standard of living. Nothing lavish, mind you. Most of us don’t have big, fancy houses or expensive cars. Most of us don’t have investment portfolios bursting at the seams. But we do have families and we do have responsibilities, and given that we pay our fair share into […]

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Our Lost Decade Compared To Decades Past

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I wrote yesterday about the scant number of jobs created in the last 10 years, but when compared to the past six decades the news becomes that much bleaker. Wash Post illustrates… I’m not saying we should have guarantees our overall net worth should go up or that our economy has to add jobs, but […]

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Jobless Claims At 18 Month Low

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A bit of good news to report today amid the preparations for New Year’s celebrations. Jobless claims fell more than expected last week. From WSJ: Initial claims for unemployment benefits fell by 22,000 to a seasonally adjusted 432,000 in the week ended Dec. 26, the lowest level since July 19, 2008. The four-week average of […]

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