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San Francisco Values – Hamburger Edition

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My hometown supervisors again set up The City for national ridicule and general hilarity, this time with the ban on Mcdonald’s Happy Meal toys. I guess it is a good thing that in these trying times we can offer ourselves up to the rest of the nation as civic clowns to help lighten the national mood.

I fully understand that – in the most progressive major city with the most progressive governing body in the country – it is impossible for them to resist the temptation to occasionally succumb to their core belief that no one is capable of making decisions for themselves or their family without their benevolent dictates guiding forcing us in the right direction. But… when even the Daily Show is pointing and laughing – you’d think our Supes might get a clue.

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Fickle Independents and Liberal Postmortems

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As we somberly walk with the funeral procession following the midterm election, the air is filled with cries, lamentations, rending of garments, and portents of doom from Democrats and liberals, much as we heard from Republicans and conservatives after the Republican Party was buried following the 2008 results.

Under the mountain of navel gazing, finger-pointing, self-serving spin, and bitter invective found in the left-o-sphere, we can still find a few gems of sparkling analysis, insight and useful advice. For your consideration – two examples of Progressive postmortems that caught my attention. But to mine a rich vein of solid gold analysis, we must first separate and dispose of the slag. There are two very different Progressive perspectives of the election, electorate, and, most importantly, the way forward. Consider which of the two is informed by common sense, logic and data and which is informed by rhetoric, sophistry and rage. I submit they are representative of two significant and incompatible constituencies within the Democratic Party. The schism has been there all along, but was papered over in 2006 and 2008 by the unifying principle of Bush Hate. Regardless of how skilled Axelrod, Gibbs, and Plouffe may be skilled at “triangulation”, the Obama administration cannot simultaneously turn left and turn toward the center. I hope Democrats choose wisely, as I really don’t want to see us return to one party Republican rule in 2013. they shouldn’t rely on Palin and Tea Party to hand the 2012 election to the Democrats. They just may disappoint them. Again.

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Democrats maneuver into position for 2010 midterm battle…

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Democrats maneuver into position for 2010 midterm battle by cleverly adopting a circular firing squad formation. READY… AIM… FIRE.

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SEIU Blues Puts Power in Moderates’ Shoes

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Not a whole lot of good has come the way to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) these days. The only organization I can think of that gets more right wing scorn has been ACORN, who I think mostly get picked on because they don’t fight back. Another ally, Health Care for America Now (HCAN), […]

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Obama courts GOP, as the Left throws shoes, demands prosecutions

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President-elect Obama and McCain meet in Chicago Wth his Inauguration three days away, Barack Obama continues to talk, plan and act as if he’s every one’s President and intends to govern from the center — with respect to both domestic and foreign affairs.  He has been aggressively courting Republicans and conservatives, inviting their input and working […]

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