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David Frum’s problem is still obvious.

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David Frum has determined that Ron Paul “minions” (by which he means United States citizens who are supporting, contributing to, and volunteering for the Ron Paul campaign) are trying to “hijack” the Republican Convention (by which he means working to get delegates who support Ron Paul elected to the convention). How are the “minions” going to pull off this nefarious plot? This is the unbelievable part… and one hell of a scoop by David Frum… wait for it… They are going to understand the rules, bylaws, process, and etiquette for electing GOP delegates in every state, then try to get Ron Paul delegates elected. Holy crap! I mean – how underhanded can you get?

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Libertarian Seasteading Gains Traction With Deep Pockets

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We first wrote about the idea of seasteading (building new countries offshore on oil platforms) in 2009. At the time, I had this to offer… No doubt it’s an interesting notion, but is this practical? Living on the sea? Just think of how much risk that could entail. Of course you’d do the research to […]

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Ron Paul To Run For President In 2012

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He’s in! From National Journal: Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, whose outspoken libertarian views and folksy style made him a cult hero during two previous presidential campaigns, will announce on Tuesday that he’s going to try a third time. Sources close to Paul, who is in his 12th term in the House, said he will unveil […]

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Rand Paul’s Sad, Slow Implosion

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First it was the wishy-washiness of the civil rights act repeal and now it’s criticism of the administration being tough on BP? Watch the video… Here’s the thing…yes, accidents happen on offshore oil rigs. However, most damage is mitigated by appropriate safety measures being put in place to keep spills to a minimum. However, recent […]

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Christmas greetings from Krugman and Schiff

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While Krugman is brimming with good tidings and bubbling over with holiday cheer, from the other side of the political spectrum Peter Schiff is offering a dour double dose of “Bah Humbug.”

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2010 Senate Race Update

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The Senate remains the best chance to divide this government in 2012. Predictions three years out are indeed foolish, but barring some as of yet unrevealed scandal close to the President, I expect he will be reelected. The best chance to restore fiscal rationality in 2012 is for Republicans to take the Senate, and that will take two election cycles. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and the first step is for Republicans to pick up a couple of seats in 2010.

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News Headlines for Independents 8/6/09

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INDEPENDENT VOTERS Wherever independents fall on the supposed political “spectrum”, if they ARE on the political “spectrum”, (i.e. they do exist!) Many MSM publishers seek increasing irrelevance if they don’t see the direction that the American people are headed…. While it’s clear that independents are “all over the map” on social issues, they increasingly come […]

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Ahhh, Libertarian Health Care Agitprop

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Boo! And yes, I know it’s a joke and I actually found parts of it funny, but do they honestly think things like this will be effective? Let me put it another way…do libertarians not realize that our system, which doesn’t cover 40M+ people and is bankrupting our country, needs serious reform? And I’m talking […]

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Seasteading: Libertarians Taking To The Sea For Fun And Freedom

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I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it, but “Seasteading” is a serious idea, it’s being backed by Milton Friedman’s grandson and they’ve apparently already raised more than a half a million dollars to realize their dream of building communities…on the sea! Here’s more from Reason: Patri Friedman was doing all […]

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Ron Paul Talks Republican Party Future

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I usually wouldn’t embed a video of Rachel Maddow’s show, but the following is compelling enough to share. Long story short…abandon the culture wars, embrace real fiscal conservatism and stop being war mongers. Can Libertarianism save the Republican party or will it split it in two? Also, can election laws be reformed to allow a […]

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