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I’m going there for the week starting tomorrow. So I won’t be posting. Behave yourselves. Tweet

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Mexico Decriminalizes Some Recreational Drug Possession

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So Canada has basically decriminalized marijuana possession and Mexico has added cocaine, meth, heroin and LSD to the mix. Wonder what’s going to happen in the US in the next decade…especially given the current reality in California where shops are selling pot out in the open? The Daily Beast has more… In an effort to […]

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On Pandemics and Panic

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Health Care, Media, Mexico

While the world already deals with an ongoing global recession, there are concerns the worst is yet to come. The swine flu, which has killed dozens in Mexico, may become a deadly pandemic. Or maybe not: “What makes this so difficult is we may be somewhere between an important but yet still uneventful public health […]

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Obama Shook Hands With Man Who Died From Swine Flu?

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The news about the flu is scary enough, but to think that the leader of the free world may have been exposed to this newly mutated virus is disturbing. To be clear, this hasn’t been confirmed and the man in the picture isn’t the one who died, but that is the same museum Obama was […]

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Did You Know About Mexico?

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With Obama visiting Mexico today, I thought it would be topical to share some pretty shocking stats/facts about the country. GlobalPost has 10 factoids and here are the first 3… A recent U.S. government report suggests that “Two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico.” Mexico has […]

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