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Romney and Santorum Get 15 Delegates Apiece From Michigan

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Mitt may have won the popular vote by 3% (41-38), but this wasn’t a winner take all contest. Delegates are given based on congressional districts and that means both guys got 15 each. Here’s CNN: John Brabender said the campaign’s count proves Santorum and Romney are tied in delegates won, which he said means the […]

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Poll: Santorum Holds Slight Lead In Michigan

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Looks like Santorum may have gotten the last bit of momentum in Michigan. Public Policy Polling has more… PPP’s final poll in Michigan finds Rick Santorum holding on to the smallest of leads with 38% to 37% for Mitt Romney, 14% for Ron Paul, and 9% for Newt Gingrich. It’s always good to be cautious […]

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Mitt’s Stagecraft Problem Has Media Buzzing

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You can look at that picture and understand immediately why the media is laying into Mitt Romney. It fits perfectly with the media’s story that Romney just isn’t exciting the base. Otherwise a lot more people would have turned out. Right? Well, he did turn out over 1,200 people…for a policy speech. Can any other […]

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Flint’s Mayor Faces Recall, Resigns, Remains Candidate For Governor

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Flint’s mayor, Donald Williamson, faces a recall on February 24. However, he will not have to worry about that election now. On Monday, Williamson announced his resignation. Chased from office by the recall? Not according to Williamson. He is quitting for health reasons. His doctor said he needs six to eight months of rest to […]

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Did Obama Engineer Waxman Replacing Dingell?

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Christopher Beam of Slate talks about the recent seismic shift in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Out: Rep. John Dingell of Michigan, the tough, cantankerous eminence grise of the House Democratic caucus (he’s 82), who was so deferential to Detroit as chairman of the House energy and commerce committee that Lee Iacocca once said […]

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The Foreclosure Crisis In Michigan

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The following video shows you something you may not have seen before…pages upon pages of tax foreclosure listings published in the Detroit Free Press. To be specific…137 pages of tax foreclosure listings. Basically, these are people who are delinquent on paying their taxes and could have their homes foreclosed on in 2009 if they don’t […]

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Obama Wins In Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and New York

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79 electoral votes here for the Illinois senator. Moving on… Tweet

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McCain Pulls Out Of Michigan

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And he’ll pour more into his efforts in Ohio, Florida and…Wisconsin? From Politico: McCain will go off TV in Michigan, stop dropping mail there and send most of his staff to more competitive states, including Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. Wisconsin went for Kerry in 2004, Ohio and Florida for Bush. […] Republicans had been bullish […]

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Florida And Michigan Delegates Get Full Voting Rights

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All’s well that ends well… The actions, taken during a meeting at the host city’s Colorado Convention Center, put a final touch to a long-running and bruising dispute over the decisions by officials in both states to hold their presidential primaries in January, in violation of Democratic National Committee (DNC) scheduling rules. The DNC initially […]

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Quinnipiac: Obama Up By 4 In Michigan

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Obama – 46 McCain – 42 Last month it was Obama 48 to 42, so this race has tightened a bit, but is still outside of the margin of error. Some demo info… Women back Obama 50 – 38 percent. Men back McCain 47 – 42 percent. Whites back McCain 48 – 40 percent. Blacks […]

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