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Todd Akin Cuts New TV Ad/Apology, Looks To Be Staying In

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So all of those GOP pundits were wrong? Perhaps. Here’s his new ad… Let’s get one thing straight. Akin didn’t use the wrong words. He clearly suggested that a rape victim’s body could cleanse itself. Also, the word “legitimate” is not a misstep. Especially in the context of what he said. Also, keep in mind […]

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Todd Akin’s Facebook Page Announces He’s Staying In The Race

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First, a screenshot of the status update his campaign posted on his Facebook Page two hours ago. As you can see, the comments are not kind. Still, this is the LAST word we’ve had from the Akin campaign. This is after all the interviews he gave, all the statements by every Republican that matters currently […]

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REPORT: Todd Akin To Withdraw Candidacy Tomorrow

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According to state law, and CSM, Akin has to leave the race by 5PM tomorrow or a court. Here’s what he said today… Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri apologized for his recent comments on rape but said he was staying in the race for US Senate, saying “I have not yet begun to fight.” Representative […]

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Will Todd Akin’s Rape Comments Put Missouri Into Purple Column?

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If you haven’t heard Todd Akin’s comment yet…get ready… Okay, ready? Wait, are you absolutely sure? Okay…here we go… Key phrases (via TPM)… “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing […]

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Rick Santorum Sweeps Non-Binding Minnesota, Missouri & Colorado Primaries

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Yes, you read that right. Another day, another crazy outcome in the GOP primary season. Well, actually 3 crazy outcomes. Here’s the lowdown from Politico: Rick Santorum dealt an embarrassing setback to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign Tuesday night, sweeping non-binding contests across three states and raising new questions about conservatives’ willingness to accept Romney as […]

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Congressional Research Service: “The precise number of new entities that will ultimately be created pursuant to PPACA is currently unknowable”

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Some Democrats have taken comfort in a recent tracking poll indicating that opposition to Obamacare has marginally decreased. This is legislation that only looks good if you blur your vision and avert your eyes. The closer you look, the uglier it gets. The promised deficit reduction has evaporated, the expected cost controls – don’t, and even before the most expensive benefits and costs kick-in, healthcare reform has already become an economic drag aggravating unemployment.

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MO Says NO To Mandatory Healthcare

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Proposition C passed by 70% last night and that has a lot of folks wondering if more states will follow suit to get initiatives like these on the ballot during times when vote turn out is extremely low. The answer, of course, is yes. Similar initiatives will be on the ballot in Arizona and Oklahoma […]

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Missouri SWAT Video Reveals The Real Drug War

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The following video is heartbreaking, especially since it happened in my state. Still, this is happening every day in every other state over completely victimless crimes. Here’s a quick explanation if you can’t watch the video (via Radley Balko)… SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as […]

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McCaskill Reveals The Irony And Misunderstanding Of Medicare

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What’s telling about the conversations surrounding the “evils” of government run health care is how many people seem to reflexively applaud the notion of government staying out of the business of health care…and yet nobody who’s on Medicare wants to get rid of it. Watch the following clip and tell me it’s not frustrating to […]

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Ron Paul Supporter Detained By TSA For Carrying Cash?

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A truly dumb move by St. Louis airport employees is recorded and shared here by Fox News… Is Missouri’s militia/Ron Paul tie still in full effect? One note, the commentator in the middle who tries to tie this to Obama’s economic policies at the very end was a truly hacky move. He didn’t need to […]

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