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Democrat Max Baucus Pushes Mandated Universal Health Care

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Looks like Obama will have to start herding the cats a lot sooner than he thought. Because not only does Montana Senator Max Baucus want to push universal health care, he wants it to be mandate for everybody which is what Hillary proposed, not Obama. From WSJ: “My door is open and I seek partners […]

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Rasmussen: Obama Leads By 5 In Montana

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Obama – 48% McCain – 43% Well, how about that? A state that Bush won by 20 points in 2004 and 25 points in 2000 has the potential to go blue? Also, last month the numbers were reversed, so this represents a +10 net gain for Obama in a state many wouldn’t think he has […]

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Who is Governor Brian Schweitzer?

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A popular Democratic governor of a red state? Check. A politician who walks the walk of post-partisan politics? Check. A potential VP nominee for Barack Obama? Hmmm… Watch this interview with Charlie Rose and you tell me… Needless to say I’m impressed with Schweitzer’s refreshing candor, as is Last night, Senator Jon Tester impishly […]

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Obama Wins Montana

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Looks like he’ll win it by a substantial margin since they called it right as polls closed. More numbers as they develop. Tweet

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Hillary’s Last Stand

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Quote Of The Day

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“You have to ask yourself, who is the stronger candidate? And based on every analysis, of every bit of research and every poll that has been taken and every state that a Democrat has to win, I am the stronger candidate against John McCain in the fall.” – Hillary Clinton, lying to a crowd in […]

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