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Nader Makes Plans To Debate Dummy

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If you want to catch a hot debate, do not miss NADER FEST ’08. At a Denver café on July 27, Ralph Nader plans an issues oriented debate. The issues are many—nuclear disarmament, same-sex unions, healthcare, Iraq and so on. A debate involves more than one, and Nader has a surprise opponent. Obama? McCain? Barr? […]

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Today, we take a look back at this week in the election and also have an in-depth discussion about the Obama Campaign’s general election strategy. [Listen Online] or [Download] [Subscribe to’s Presidential Election Podcast] Feel free to email us questions/suggestions for our next podcast (you can also email an audio file of your question […]

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Nader Says Obama is “Talking White”

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Economy, Nader, Race

In a long interview with the Rocky Mountain News, Ralph Nader accused Barack Obama of downplaying issues of poverty, “talking white” to win votes and appealing to “white guilt.” Now, I’m not going to write the usual “oh my God, he’s so racist!” post because in no way is Nader implying Obama is inferior because […]

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Notes From The Rest Of The Campaign…

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[Republished from] Virtually all the coverage is focused on John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. So, what else is going on in Presidential Election land? Some notes… Politically irrelevant (and justifiably so) candidate, Daniel Imperato draws the ire of a librarian. Apparently, Imperato has been placing press releases framed as news stories in […]

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It Wouldn’t Be An Election…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Nader

Without Big Daddy Nader. Discuss… Tweet

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