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In this podcast we discuss (1) the shake up in the McCain Campaign, (2) Obama’s statement on revising his Iraq strategy, (3) Obama and his history with low income housing subsidies for private developers and (4) rumors about McCain’s VP announcement timetable… [Listen Online] or [Download] [Subscribe to’s Presidential Election Podcast] Feel free to […]

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What did I miss?

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why would anyone think that a successful Chicago politician who cut his political teeth by clawing his way up through the precincts and wards of the bare knuckle Chicago Democratic political machine would turn out to be the kind of politician who will say whatever he needs to say to get votes and do whatever is politically expedient to get elected? No one would think that.

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The Nation Frets Over Obama’s Moderating NAFTA Position

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Although The Nation endorsed Barack Obama just a few months ago, some of their writers are now having heart palpitations over Obama’s backtracking on NAFTA. Seems Obama is moderating his tone on free trade and writer John Nichols thinks this is a terrible development. Personally, I’m glad to see Obama moving away from demagoguery on […]

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Did Hillary’s Team Whisper Sweet NAFTA Nothings In Canada’s Ear?

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Turn about is fair play. From TPM: The Canadian Press — Canada’s domestic equivalent of the AP — is reporting that the original source of the leak was Ian Brodie, chief of staff to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. And as it turns out, Brodie’s original conversation with reporters focused much more on Hillary as […]

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