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Early Voting Favoring Both Candidates

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TIME has the numbers. In Nevada and North Carolina it favors Obama… Cumulative early-vote totals in the Las Vegas area show ballots were cast by 31,875 Democrats and 13,371 Republicans through midday Monday. Republicans had the advantage in absentee balloting, 6,616 to 6,161 through noon Monday. In the Reno area, a similar pattern occurred twice […]

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Swing State Polls Signal Big Electoral Shift For Obama

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Earlier I shared some electoral projections that hinted at an Obama blowout, and now I have two sets of swing state polls that provide even more good news for his camp. The key here is that Obama has crossed the 50% threshold in most of these polls with just a little more than a month […]

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Mason-Dixon: McCain Leads By 2 In Nevada

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McCain: 44% Obama: 42% It’s a very tight race in the “Silver State,” but I can’t help but think this could be an indication that the Obama campaign’s strategy to focus more attention on new states in this election cycle may actually work. Here are the demographic breakdowns… Voters age 18 to 34 preferred Obama […]

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Nevada Democratic Party Revises Delegate Statement

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, Nevada

First they said this…: Just like in Iowa, what was awarded today were delegates to the county convention. No national convention delegates were awarded. The calculations of national convention delegates being circulated are based upon an assumption that delegate preferences will remain the same between now and April 2008. We look forward to our county […]

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Robo-Calls In Nevada Talk About Barack Hussein Obama

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Last minute dirty tricks in Nevada: (CNN) — The Obama campaign released a recording Saturday that they said was a last-minute negative robo-call received by a Nevada voter. The call attacks the Illinois senator and emphasizes his little-used middle name, repeatedly referring to “Barack Hussein Obama.” Here’s the audio of the call. Let me state, […]

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Obama Wins More Delegates Than Hillary In Nevada?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, Nevada

Left is right, up is down… Barack Obama may have won the most delegates in Saturday’s Nevada Caucus, even though Hillary Clinton bested his statewide turnout by about six points. A source with knowledge of the Nevada Democratic Party’s projections told The Nation that under the arcane weighting system, Obama would win 13 national convention […]

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Ron Paul Gets More Votes Than Hillary In Nevada?

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For all intents and purposes, the top tier Republicans weren’t really running that hard against Romney in Nevada so he mopped the floor with everybody. On the other hand, Hillary and Obama were running pretty hard in the state. So what explains these numbers? DEMS VOTES Hillary Clinton 5,317 Barack Obama 4,726 John Edwards 393 […]

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Bill Clinton: Obama Supporters Suppressed Nevada Vote

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Wow, he really is going all out for Hill. On one hand it’s understandable considering the worldwide, historic embarrassment he put her through. On the other hand it’s just so damn tacky given the the suit that the state teacher’s union filed to keep the casino workers from caucusing in the hotels on the strip. […]

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Romney To Win Nevada. Ron Paul Tied For Second.

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The Mormons came out en masse for Mitt today and he won Nevada handily. That’s two wins in a row for the former Governor, but there’s no doubt he’s going to lose in South Carolina today. Also, some good news for the Paulites today. They may just get some delegates after all! Presently, they’re leading […]

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Hillary Projected To Win Nevada

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Another close one, and Hillary looks like she’s going to able to pull it out with a strong 51% to Obama’s 45%. Edwards pulls in an embarrassing 4%. Here’s how the vote broke down across demographics: According to CBS News entrance polls, the economy was the issue most on the minds of Democratic caucus-goers today, […]

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