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News Headlines for Independents 8/6/09

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INDEPENDENT VOTERS Wherever independents fall on the supposed political “spectrum”, if they ARE on the political “spectrum”, (i.e. they do exist!) Many MSM publishers seek increasing irrelevance if they don’t see the direction that the American people are headed…. While it’s clear that independents are “all over the map” on social issues, they increasingly come […]

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Bloomberg May Run on Republican Ticket

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Bloomberg, Independents, New York City, Republicans

Never one to miss an opportunity, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg may run on the Republican ticket next mayoral election while still remaining a declared independent. Apparently, despite being an apostate to the national party, local borough GOP leaders are willing to let the still-popular mayor put his name on their line. If you’re keeping […]

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Spring training hopes eternal

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Bloomberg Clear To Run For 3rd Term

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bloomberg, Law, New York City

All hail the new Tammany Hall! From NY Times: After a spirited, emotional and at times raucous debate, the New York City Council voted, 29 to 22, on Thursday afternoon to extend term limits, allowing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to seek re-election next year and undoing the result of two voter referendums that had imposed […]

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Bloomberg Seeks A Third Term

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And given the current circumstances on Wall Street, my bet is he’ll get. MarketWatch has the details… Bloomberg announced Thursday he supports changing the term limits law to run for a third term. Observers have respected Bloomberg for restoring a sense of optimism to a post-9/11 New York City while encouraging tourists to visit, keeping […]

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Bloomberg Wants To Host 1st Town Hall

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(UPDATE: Both campaigns rejected the offer because they don’t want to limit it to just one network. Hmmm…) Now this is a pretty brilliant move… The guy who has some of the deepest pockets in the world, and could be a VP for either candidate, wants to use that leverage. From Politico: New York Mayor […]

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Video: Man Gets Stuck In Elevator For 41 Hours

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Watch this time lapsed video. It’s hypnotic. More from the New Yorker: White has the security-camera videotape of his time in the McGraw-Hill elevator. He has watched it twice-it was recorded at forty times regular speed, which makes him look like a bug in a box. The most striking thing to him about the tape […]

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Small Explosion Hits Times Square

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in New York City, Terrorism, United States, Video

It looks like a small device was set off next to a military recruiting station. Here’s more… The police said the explosive device involved in the Times Square blast this morning was “roughly similar” to the devices used in two earlier bombings at foreign consulates in Manhattan, in 2005 and 2007, Police Commissioner Raymond W. […]

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