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Super Tuesday Results – Romney Wins 6, Santorum Wins 3, Newt Wins 1

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Let’s run down the numbers… Georgia – 76 delegates Gingrich – 42 Romney – 13 Santorum – 2 Ohio – 66 Romney – 35 Santorum – 21 Tennessee – 58 Santorum – 25 Romney – 10 Gingrich – 8 Virginia – 43 Romney – 43 Oklahoma – 43 Santorum – 14 Romney – 13 Gingrich […]

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McCain Wins Arkansas, Wyoming, Kansas and North Dakota

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What’s clear at this point is Obama will not get any sort of landslide. Apparently the electorate isn’t THAT angry. 18 electoral votes to McCain. Moving on… Tweet

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North Dakota

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Yes, North Dakota. I don’t believe for a moment that Obama will win here, but if the turnout is incredibly high then it could be incredibly close. Chuck Todd thinks so too… The state has seen Democratic success in House and Senate races for years but that hasn’t trickled up for the presidential since ’64. […]

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Early Voting Up Big In North Carolina

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It’s overwhelmingly favoring Obama… Across the state, Democrats showed the most first-day enthusiasm. Of the nearly 114,000 first-day voters, 64 percent were Democrats, 21 percent Republicans and 15 percent were unaffiliated. African-American turnout was up significantly. Black voters, who make up about 22 percent of registered voters, were 36 percent of Thursday’s early voters. In […]

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North Dakota?

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Really? Listen folks, I don’t care what Drudge is saying about a McCain comeback. If Obama is competitive in North Dakota, the chance of the Republican becoming President is, well, as likely as the scenario that FiveThirtyEight is predicting… In other words, slim to none to done. Tweet

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Rasmussen: McCain And Obama Tied…In North Dakota???

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McCain – 43% Obama – 43% Some very surprising numbers from a state that went for Bush by 28 points in 2004. Here are some details… McCain is up by double digits with men. Obama leads by 9 with women McCain takes 87% of Republicans Obama takes 79% of Democrats Obama leads by 18 among […]

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MSNBC Calls It For Obama

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It must have been quite a spread then. More soon. Tweet

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Clinton Goes After Pledged Delegates

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You knew it was going to happen. The math is just too stacked against her, so she’s going after the delegates you’re not really supposed to go after. Sure, you technically can because they technically can switch, but they’re not really supposed to. Because if they do, that’s really subverting the will of the voters. […]

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