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North Korea To Reopen Border With South Korea

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At first glance, this would appear to be a huge step towards peace with the troubled nation. But it’s simply a reopening of the border so the North can make some money from the South. Still, a positive step and one worth noting. From Reuters: North Korea said on Monday it had agreed to reopen […]

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North Korea cyber army attacks US and S. Korea websites

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NY times article… Nothing has been proven, but it sounds all too intriguing…at least to a cartoonist. Tweet

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Navy Destroyer To Intercept North Korean Ship?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in North Korea, Nuclear

Alan wrote yesterday about things heating up with North Korea, and nownuclear tensions are growing on the high seas… The U.S. military is preparing for a possible intercept of a North Korean flagged ship suspected of proliferating weapons material in violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution passed last Friday, FOX News has learned. The […]

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Tensions With North Korea Increase

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in North Korea, United Nations, United States

North Korea seems very insistent on testing President Obama. Apparently, the U.S. government is tracking a North Korean freighter suspected of carrying illicit arms. Government officials say they will act within the bounds of a recent UN Security Council resolution which permits international navies to request the inspection of North Korean cargo vessels but does […]

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China Puts North Korea Talks On Hold

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Looks like last week’s nuclear test angered a key ally too. From Bloomberg: China suspended government exchanges with North Korea after Kim Jong-Il’s regime last week tested a nuclear device and fired short-range missiles, Yonhap News said. China has halted plans to send officials to North Korea and won’t accept visits from Kim’s government either, […]

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North Korea Has Our Attention. Now What?

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in China, Foreign Policy, North Korea, Nuclear, Russia

Well, North Korea has the world’s attention. Exploding a nuclear bomb and launching missile tests will do that. All that’s left now is for the world to respond. North Korea has long been a foreign policy conundrum, frustrating a long line of U.S. presidents who’ve attempted to stop the so-called hermit nation from threatening its […]

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unclear testing

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Before anyone jumps up and declares this cartoon tasteless, I do not condone genocide.  I just want to imply in a satirical way that these two regimes are shooting each other in the foot with their nuclear tests.  For now it may seem that they both have a long while to go before developing a […]

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North Korea’s opening day

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The North Korea Problem

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Foreign Policy, North Korea

Fred Kaplan has an excellent article in Slate detailing why North Korea is so hard to deal with and how Obama should proceed after the recent missile launch. Over the last few decades, our policies towards North Korea have seemed to be all talk and no action. We’ve all but wagged our finger off. Kaplan […]

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North Korea Rattles Sabers

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Foreign Policy, Hillary Clinton, North Korea

Well, Joe Biden did warn us that our adversaries would challenge Barack Obama if he was elected. Looks like North Korea is doing just that. In a statement released today, the government in Pyongyang said the North is prepared for war against the South and would consider retaliating if the U.S. and South Korea go […]

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