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CA Proposition 14: Democracy without Independent Voters is Like Taxation Without Representation

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Latest and greatest news and views about California’s open primary initiative, Proposition 14, on the ballot June 8. Partisans showed their true colors last week with back-room deals and litigation on the ballot wording. Prominent independent attorney Harry Kresky’s commentary on HuffPo “Words Matter” sheds lots of light on the nature of our democracy. And […]

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Another Legal Win for Independent Voters in California: Court of Appeals Says No to Proposition 14 Opponents

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California Court of Appeals says no to Proposition 14 opponents, which is good news for independent voters. From CAIVN: “The Court rejected the CSEA language, preserved the lower court’s language, and ordered the restoration of the Legislative Analyst’s prediction of cost savings associated with the measure.” And open primaries gaining support in Pennsylvania and Illinois. […]

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California Proposition 14 Open Primary Ballot Language Decision Favorable to Independents

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More commentary this weekend on California’s Proposition 14 “top two” open primary referendum after Judge Allen Sumner’s ballot wording ruling on Friday. The ruling was seen as a win for independent voters by attorney Harry Kresky of IndependentVoting and by Californians for an Open Primary/Yes on 14… Meanwhile, state Rep. Hunter Greene, a Republican who […]

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Legal Fight over Ballot Wording For Proposition 14

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Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner is expected to rule today on the ballot language for Prop 14. Leading independent Attorney Harry Kresky speaks out on the legal fight over the “top two” open primaries referendum: “When the California legislature voted to put Proposition 14 on the ballot this June, it crafted a summary of […]

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California’s Prop 14: The People vs. The Parties

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Independent voters in California (aka “decline to state”) vote in primaries at the whim of the party big-shots. And California Dems (including the school employees union) are playing some bad language games trying to dissuade voters from supporting Proposition 14, the “Top Two” open primary referendum on the ballot for a vote in June that […]

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Welcome to 2010: Year of the Independent!

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While Dem and Repub parties are bleeding members, ranks of independents continue to rise… The nation’s foremost ballot access expert Richard Winger continues to wage a formidable effort against the popular open “Top Two” primary referendum that will be on the June ballot in California. While I’m on the other side of the issue, I […]

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Open Primaries, Independent Parties, and the Authorities

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Open Primaries, Independent Parties, and the Authorities Must read on Redding News Review — Lenora Fulani explains why she did not support Bill Thompson in November’s mayoral race in NYC…. *******   With more than 40% of the country being independent, opening up the primaries is an important democratic (small “d”) electoral reform that would […]

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