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Why Are Things so Partisan?

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In my previous article (on how you can write-in “None of the Above”, rather than be forced into the choices dictated by the two party system,, I just noted how the write-in ballot can be used to express one’s dissatisfaction with the current partisan system, without really getting into how & why things came […]

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Why the left whining about “False Equivalence” is equivalent to the right whining about “Liberal Media Bias”

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The President’s comments at the Associated Press luncheon on Tuesday received a great deal of media attention. the President thinks the press might be afflicted by an “impulse” to suggest that both Republicans and Democrats are at fault for failing to compromise. He goes on to patiently explain that this is completely untrue – in fact this is “false equivalence” and bad reporting. The charge of “false equivalence” from the left is nothing more or less than political spin hoping to have the identical effect on perception of MSM reporting that the right seeks to achieve with “Liberal media bias.”

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What better way to learn about infographics than an infographic about infographics? Most infographics are focused on the use of infographics in business to promote an product or service you might not know you need or want. What is needed is an infographic focused on the use of infographics in politics to promote an idea that you might otherwise consider laughable, nonsensical and unsupportable.

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Joining The Call For Civility In Discourse

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Given all of the heated rhetoric and personal attacks lately, Matt Lewis has a great suggestion: Conservatives, of course, will point to liberal examples of hatred and bitterness and say, “they do it, too!” Both sides do this. Both sides should be more civil. Both sides should show more character. But since I suspect I’m […]

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It’s Halftime in Mexico, Canada and Italy

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If there is a political message to found here, it has nothing to do with the advertisement itself. The ad is doing exactly what any good ad should do. In fact, it does more – Memeorandum is tracking reactions, people are writing columns about it, it is being posted on blogs and social networks. Chrysler is getting more than their money’s worth from this spot.

The political problem is with the underlying company. The problem is with the moral hazard unleashed when they were bailed out with taxpayer money. The problem is with the subsequent heavy handed politically motivated machinations orchestrated by the Obama administration in the bankruptcy proceedings. I would not want to buy a car from that company.

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When “Bad” Bipartisanship Happens to “Good” Partisans

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Conventional Wisdom in both main stream and non-traditional media have passed judgement on both the debt ceiling legislation and the bipartisan deficit reduction super committee it begat. Conventional Wisdom informs us that we have seen this movie before and we know how it ends. Conventional Wisdom tells us the bipartisan Super Committee will fail. Problem being – Conventional Wisdom is wrong.

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Jackass Journalism

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I can’t get too worked up about this latest episode of Jackass Journalism* – the art of pranking political opposition in the hope of getting politically stupid and embarrassing quotes on tape, with extra points for reinforcing your teams worst stereotypes of the other team.

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Taiwan explains Wisconsin

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Taiwanese animations are the future of all mainstream news. The folks at NextMedia have distilled US TV news, newspaper commentary, blogs, and twitter feeds on the Wisconsin standoff into an easily digestible two minute animation. As far as the legislative standoff is concerned, this is a foregone conclusion. Polls do not support the AWOL Wisconsin Senators. The Wisconsin State Assembly passed the Walker Budget Repair Bill after beating back a filibuster and the Senators will have to return sometime or be recalled. The protesters in Madison will have to go back to work or be fired. The Republicans have the votes and Walker has the will. Done deal. I think it is all Kabuki Theater in Wisconsin from this point.

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If You Like Or Respect Rush Limbaugh…Watch This

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Usually I try to avoid stuff like this, but the following video was just too crazy. I mean…how does this guy have listeners? How is he so powerful? More importantly, why can’t GOPers distance themselves from or criticize him without having to apologize a couple days later? Answer: morons. Listen, most of you know I […]

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“The Economist” defends divided government from attack by hysterical Nobel Prize winning emo economist

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This election cycle precipitated a conversation about the virtues and vices of a divided federal government in both new and traditional media. In the last few days before the vote, the amplitude spiked. Much of the most recent attention is in the form of an attack from the left on the foundation of the divided government voting rationale. One such attack – an awe inspiring, world class hysterical hissy fit by Paul Krugman from the lofty platform afforded him by the New York Times:

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