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Romney Wins New Hampshire, But Is It Enough To Steamroll To Nomination?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Huntsman, New Hampshire, Newt, Perry, Romney, Ron Paul, Santorum

NBC is already calling it with 17% reporting, and it would definitely be difficult for anybody to catch up in such a divided field. Too many candidates taking away votes from each other. The numbers… Mitt Romney – 35% Ron Paul – 25% Jon Huntsman – 17% Newt Gingrich – 11% Rick Santorum – 10% […]

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Rasmussen: Rick Perry Goes From First To Sixth In Iowa; Cain Goes From Fifth To First

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cain, Perry, Polls, Republicans

It’s amazing what a couple of mediocre debate performances can do to a guy. And I’m talking about both Perry and Cain. From Rasmussen: A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Iowa caucus-goers shows that Cain is in front with 28% followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at 21%. Congressman Ron Paul is […]

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Gallup: Rick Perry Leads GOP Frontrunners

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Perry, Polls, Republicans

Apparently people are kind of tired of Mitt Romney. The graph… That’s an notable swing and it suggests that Perry is really making waves with diehard conservatives. Another notable trend…Ron Paul’s support continues to grow…and outpaces Bachmann’s. So it sees like the GOP nomination is between a few players. Romney, Perry, Paul and Bachmann. Perhaps […]

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Rick Perry Not Ready For Primetime

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economic crisis, Economic recovery, Perry, Video

What is with you Texans and your Governors? Jeezus… Here’s the video… If the vid doesn’t play…here’s basically what he said… Texas Governor Rick Perry, who entered the presidential campaign on Saturday, appeared to suggest a violent response would be warranted should Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke “print more money” between now and the election. […]

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Rick Perry’s College Transcripts Cause For Concern?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Perry

Okay, I know the title seems leading as if the answer should be, “Why yes, they should be,” but I’m genuinely posing the question. Basically, is your academic prowess in your late teens and early 20s really important to being a viable presidential candidate? Huff Post got ahold of the grades and they’re pretty bad. […]

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