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Quote Of The Day – Miserable Choices

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, Economic crisis, History, Quotes

“Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions. If you think this has to be done, you have my blessing. But someday you guys are going to need to tell me how we ended up with a system like this. I know this is not the time to test them and put them through failure, […]

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Quote Of The Day – When Timidity Passes For Wisdom

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bipartisan, Obama, Quotes

And [our predecessors] knew that when any government measure, no matter how carefully crafted or beneficial, is subject to scorn; when any efforts to help people in need are attacked as un-American; when facts and reason are thrown overboard and only timidity passes for wisdom, and we can no longer even engage in a civil […]

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Newt’s Dueling Logic On End Of Life Care

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Health Care, Newt, Quotes, Video

“In LaCrosse, Wisc., the Gundersen Lutheran Hospital system is, according to the Dartmouth [Atlas of Health Care], the least expensive place in America for the last two years of life. They have an advanced directive program, and over 90 percent of their patients have an advanced directive. They have electronic health records, so everybody on […]

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Quotes Of The Day – On Stephen Hawking

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Health Care, Quotes, Science

“The controlling of medical costs in countries such as Britain through rationing, and the health consequences thereof, are legendary. The stories of people dying on a waiting list or being denied altogether read like a horror script … People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn’t have a chance in the UK, where the National Health […]

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Quote Of The Day – On Private Rationing

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“Right now insurance companies are rationing care. They are basically telling you what’s covered and what’s not. They’re telling you: ‘We’ll cover this drug, but we won’t cover that drug; you can have this procedure, or, you can’t have that procedure’. So why is it that people would prefer having insurance companies make those decisions, […]

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Quote Of The Day – Racist

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Partisan Hacks, Quotes, Race, Video

“This president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” – Glenn Beck demonstrating again why he’ll only ever appeal to fringers Here’s the clip… At a certain point, even if you are Fox News, you really […]

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Quote Of The Day – Race And Responsibility

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Quotes, Race

“We’ve got to say to our children, yes, if you’re African American, the odds of growing up amid crime and gangs are higher. Yes, if you live in a poor neighborhood, you will face challenges that someone in a wealthy suburb does not have to face. That’s not a reason to get bad grades. That’s […]

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Quote Of The Day – Ideological Purity

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Quotes, Republicans

“There are tens of millions of pro-choice Republicans that are just as good Republicans as I am, and we need to support them. That’s what party building is about, and don’t think that is giving up your principles.” – Haley Barbour testing the waters for 2012 No doubt this is encouraging, but are base Republicans […]

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Top 3 Biden Quotes This Week

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“I am not unaware of the controversies swirling around this dinner, swirling around the speed — or lack thereof — that we’re moving on issues that are of great importance to you and, quite frankly, to me and to the president and to millions of Americans…. More importantly , I want thank you for being […]

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Quote Of The Day – Stimulus Impact

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money, Quotes

“We always knew we were not going to get all that much fiscal impact during the first five to six months. The big impact starts to hit from about now onwards.” – Obama economic adviser Christina Romer on when the economy will pick back up And this is true. From the CBO’s projections back in […]

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