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VIDEO: Republicans Condemn Romney’s “Gifts” Comment

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Well, it didn’t take long for Mitt to put his foot in his mouth yet again and make him seem completely out of step with where the rest of the country is. First, let’s listen to what he said… I like how when Obama gives people money…they’re gifts. When Mitt gives people money…it’s sound economic […]

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Will Republicans Learn From The Romney/Kerry Problem?

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Disclaimer: I’m going to brag a little bit. I predicted that Romney was the John Kerry of the Republican party in October 2011… Do know I think Romney will take it and ultimately lose because he’s the John Kerry of the Republican party…only less politically successful…but it’s an interesting trend nonetheless. And, in a separate […]

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Obama Won. So Did Nate Silver.

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While I wasn’t expecting such a sweeping victory, one guy was: Nate Silver. His Five Thirty Eight blog was a must read throughout the campaign and his projections consistently showed a very likely Obama win. Romney never really came close to defeating Obama in the numbers game except for the week immediately after the first […]

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Obama Leads In Majority Of National Polls

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Nate Silver pulls together the new national numbers… So this definitely puts a wrinkle in the Romney narrative about winning the popular vote, but not the electoral. Of course that was a silly notion to begin with, but I’ve been seeing it all over Facebook and Twitter, as I’m sure you have too. Okay, so […]

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Election Projection: Romney Within 20 Electoral Votes

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So what stopped the bleeding? I think it boils down to two words: Joe Biden. Yeah, he was brash, but he gave folks the kind of doubt they need to take a second look at what Romney/Ryan are really selling. And Romney’s camp hasn’t really landed any strikes OR made any gaffes during that time. […]

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Bill Clinton mocks Mitt Romney for being too “Clintonesque”

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In an evenly divided country with a divided government there are worse things than a President without core ideological convictions who is willing to compromise and govern based on pragmatic politics and the polls. What is specifically worse, is a dogmatic President who does not. The polls are, after all, indicative of the will of the majority.

Based on their relative performance in the Democratic Convention, Bill Clinton is a more effective advocate for reelecting Barack Obama than is Barack Obama. But when Barack Obama campaigns with Bill Clinton he runs the risk of reminding voters that Mitt Romney is more likely to be a ”Clintonesque” President than Barack Obama has proven to be over the last four years.

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Of debates, expectations, and empty chairs

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The New Yorker is as good a place as any to start a round-up of reactions to the first Obama – Romney debate… The reaction on the right was a predictable and consistent mixture of triumphalism and relief, best exemplified by the opening minutes of The Colbert Report. The response on the left was more interesting, spanning a wide range of rationalizations and emotions including: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

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Nate Silver: 2012 Shaping Up To Be Like 2008

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The latest polls that came out on Wednesday were literally some of the worst of Romney’s campaign. Nate Silver puts it bluntly… Unlike many recent days, when Mr. Obama’s national polls were slightly less euphoric than his swing state surveys, Wednesday’s national polls seemed to support the notion that Mr. Obama has a clear lead […]

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PEW: Obama Leads Romney 51% to 43%

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First, ,a href=””>let’s look at historical numbers going back to 1988… I was actually surprised to see that Obama and McCain were tied at this point in 2008, but the Katie Couric interview of Palin in 2008 didn’t happen until late September…and that’s when the tide started to shift. And then you had the financial […]

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Gallup: Romney’s Comments Make 29% Of Indies Less Likely To Vote For Him

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Well…the numbers show us that Dems and Repubs have pretty much made up their minds. But those Indies that Romney talked about in the video? Yeah, they’re still figuring it out. And Mitt’s comments obviously didn’t help his cause. The numbers from Gallup… So 29% are less likely, but 15% are more likely. That’s a […]

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