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Another Setback for Bush

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Heh. Tweet

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Bill Introduced As Joke Signed Into Law

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The Onion reports that Senator Allen from Virginia thought he was making a joke when he introduced this bill. S. 1718, also known as the Preservation Of Public Lands Of America Act, authorized a shift of $138 billion from the federal Medicare fund to a massive landscaping effort that, over the next five years, will […]

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Saudi Tourism

By Callimachus | Related entries in Comedy, Religion, Satire, The World

The Religious Policeman is funny enough to do stand-up. You’re not reading him? You don’t know what you’re missing. He casts a glittering eye on his native Saudi Arabia, which presents a fat target for his sense of humor. When he’s not funny, he tells stories that can be outright tragic. But when he’s doing […]

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Y2K All Over Again

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This chilling report warns of the turmoil we may face when daylight savings time is extended. Apparently it will be a huge inconvenience for dumb people: NEW YORK – When daylight-saving time starts earlier than usual in the United States come 2007, your VCR or DVD recorder could start recording shows an hour late. Cell […]

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Kos, Frank and the DLC

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Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog, rounds up a couple of pieces about the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council.) Fafnir writes: Sometimes I just can’t stop worryin about the Democratic Party an its terrible internal divisions an stuff. Fafblog: the great divorce Tweet

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Valerie Comes Clean

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Yes, I sent Joe to Niger. No, I am not so stupid I thought he would actually learn anything. I just needed a break. Ever since his last assignment, he had been sitting around the house in his navy blazer and grey slacks, watching home improvement shows and infomercials, and working on his pocket square […]

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