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Give me that old-timey filibuster.

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Some described Rand Paul’s historic 13 hour filibuster as “libertarian porn”. Note we are talking about a CSPAN feed of a man speaking at a podium for 13 hours, yet it was far more engrossing and entertaining than it had any right to be.Ultimately the Senate voted to confirm John Brennan as Director of the CIA 63-34. But Senator Rand Paul got the answehe was looking for and the country got the debate we deserved.

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Todd Akin Cuts New TV Ad/Apology, Looks To Be Staying In

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So all of those GOP pundits were wrong? Perhaps. Here’s his new ad… Let’s get one thing straight. Akin didn’t use the wrong words. He clearly suggested that a rape victim’s body could cleanse itself. Also, the word “legitimate” is not a misstep. Especially in the context of what he said. Also, keep in mind […]

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REPORT: Todd Akin To Withdraw Candidacy Tomorrow

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According to state law, and CSM, Akin has to leave the race by 5PM tomorrow or a court. Here’s what he said today… Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri apologized for his recent comments on rape but said he was staying in the race for US Senate, saying “I have not yet begun to fight.” Representative […]

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Will Todd Akin’s Rape Comments Put Missouri Into Purple Column?

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If you haven’t heard Todd Akin’s comment yet…get ready… Okay, ready? Wait, are you absolutely sure? Okay…here we go… Key phrases (via TPM)… “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing […]

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2012 Swing State – Sweet Virginia

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Public Policy Polling has a couple of new polls out focusing on Virginia. So far, it’s all good news for the Dems.

It is an open question whether there is anything meaningful to be gleaned from polls 20 months out from an election. At least these polls offer a baseline set of numbers to watch when the campaigns kick off in earnest.

For me, The most interesting element of the PPP summary is the highlighted question “…could there actually be a group of independent voters that go Obama/Allen in the interest of divided government?”. Regardless of how you would answer, it is significant that the question of whether independents are consciously making divided government voting decisions is even being asked. As you might expect, I offered my answer in the comments on that post

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Senators Ponder 2012 and a GOP Senate Majority

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What seemed likely last fall is now a virtual certainty – the Republicans will retake the Senate majority in 2012. The only way to retain our happily divided government and avoid a rerun of One Party Republican Rule in 2013, will be to re-elect Barack Obama.

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Dem Senators Push Common Sense Filibuster Reform

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Claire McCaskill and other centrist Dems appear to be pushing hard next year for some pretty straightforward steps that create more transparency and accountability when the opposition tries to filibuster. And remember…Dems are they’re likely to lose more seats in 2012…so it’s not like this really helps them if they’re in the minority. Here’s more […]

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2012 Already Looking Grim For Senate Dems

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If you thought 2010 looked nightmarish for Dems, take a peek at two years from now. No less than 16 23 Dem Senators will be up for reelection. Many A lot are from purple or red states. Here’s the list of the most vulnerable… Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (PA) Thumped Rick Santorum in 2006 by […]

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So it begins…

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If the GOP picks up 8 seats to leave the Senate with a 51-49 Democratic majority, the game will be afoot. With four Democratic Senators in play, and only two needed to flip the majority, these Senators will be wrestling with classic Prisoner’s Dilemma.

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“None of the Above” Kicks Butt In Nevada Senate Debate

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I did watch the entire debate in stunned, silent horror. Some saw a clear-cut outcome. For me, it was all I could do to write this open letter of sincere condolence to our unfortunate fellow citizens facing this decision in Nevada.

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