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That Kiss At The Rick Santorum Rally

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[YouTube] In case you missed it, a Rick Santorum campaign rally in Arlington Heights, Illinois got a little awesome on Friday: Santorum was 15 minutes into his speech when the two men shouted and got the attention of the crowd. They exchanged a kiss, prompting guards to eject them and the crowd to chant “U-S-A” […]

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Coming Out On Christmas

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Comedy, Homosexuality, Sexuality, Video

I’m sure you moderates will enjoy this bit of holiday-themed, socially relevant comedy. But Rick Perry…do not watch this. You won’t like it. At all. Coming Out On Christmas – watch more funny videos Fun fact, the woman playing the mom…is my sister. Tweet

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California’s Prop 8 Falls, Spectacularly

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Homosexuality, Law, Legislation, Proposition 8, Sexuality

Proponents and opponents of gay marriage, the end is nigh. The ruling today was a thing of beauty, not just because Prop 8 was overturned, but because the language in the decision basically positions Gay Americans as equal to every other American in every single way. And, the cherry on top of the judicial sundae? […]

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Hot girl-on-girl action!

By Jacob | Related entries in Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, News, Religion, Sexuality, Video

Flipping through the channels last night, I happened upon this programming masterpiece and lingered because two attractive, lingerie-clad women were making out on a bed. The scene ended and the show was REALLY bad so I moved on. My beautiful wife looked up from her laptop and said something to the effect of “WTF is […]

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Report: Obama To Extend Benefits To Same-Sex Federal Employees

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Homosexuality, Obama, Sexuality

The details are slim, so I’m just going to reprint the entire article from the AP: WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama plans to extend health care and other benefits to the gay and lesbian partners of federal employees. White House officials say Obama plans to announce decision on Wednesday in the Oval Office. The […]

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New Hampshire Legalizes Gay Marriage

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, Sexuality

Number six is now official. From MSNBC: CONCORD, New Hampshire – New Hampshire became the sixth state to legalize gay marriage after the Senate and House passed key language on religious rights and Gov. John Lynch — who personally opposes gay marriage — signed the legislation Wednesday afternoon. After rallies outside the Statehouse by both […]

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Quote Of The Day – Gay Marriage

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“I think that freedom means freedom for everyone. As many of you know, one of my daughters is gay, and it is something we have lived with for a long time in our family. I think people ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish. Any kind of arrangement they […]

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Former Former Bush Solicitor General Wants To Overturn Prop 8

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, Sexuality, Supreme Court

This was a bit of a surprise when I heard about it, but apparently Ted Olson has joined forces with the Equal Rights Foundation and they’ve just sent out a press release about yesterday’s decision. Here are some key excerpts (.pdf) … “Yesterday, the California Supreme Court said that the California Constitution compels the State […]

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California Upholds Gay Marriage Ban, But Gay Marriage Wins

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, Religion, Sexuality

Anybody who reads this blog knows where I fall on the gay marriage issue, but the Supreme Court of California wasn’t reallly deciding the validity of gay marriage itself, so the ruling was actually dead on in my opinion. This article from Bloomberg points out why… The court legalized gay marriage a year ago before […]

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Quote Of The Day – 5 Years Of Gay Marriage

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, Massachusetts, Sexuality

“Having two parents who can feel and express love for each other, and give it in abundance to their children, that’s what matters. It doesn’t matter what the identities of those parents are.” – Heidi Nortonsmith, one of the original gay couples to marry in Massachusetts in 2004. Here’s more about how things have gone […]

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