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George Will: Unfortunate SOTU metaphors and the “unfettered executive”

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George Will’s latest column is a pitch perfect observation on how President Obama’s State of the Union address betrays a longing for an “unfettered executive” branch by his administration and among his supporters. Will’s column is not without false notes. He implies by omission that the desire for an unfettered executive branch is unique to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Not so.

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Fox News Takes Positive SOTU Poll Down And Replaces With Negative Poll

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A vigilant reader spotted this. First, Fox News puts up a PollDaddy poll immediately after the SOTU. Given the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the speech, these numbers actually seem a little low. Still, it is Here’s the thing. It was posted on this page which now is no longer available. The reader writes, “I […]

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GOP’s Response To State Of The Union

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There’s no doubt that Paul Ryan is a smart guy, but his idea of “self government” didn’t really feel like it resonated. Also, given how much Obama talked about cutting the deficit, increasing exports, reforming the tax code and consolidating government…Ryan’s speech didn’t seem to really sync up with what we had just heard. Your […]

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Barack Obama’s State Of The Union Part 2: We Do Big Things

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This was a speech that had something for everybody. He’s not backing down from health care, but concedes it could be better. And he definitely admitted that a lot of Republican ideas for deficit cutting are on the money. Well, at least Republican ideas circa 2008. Now they want to do a lot more. But […]

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