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Stimulus Bill Now At $789 Billion

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Yes, the price tag keeps going down. Now, I’d hope that this would make some of you happy, but I honestly can’t sort through people’s opinions about this anymore. They seem all over the place. And, by the way, that’s not a judgement, just an observation. Me, I just think we need to get something […]

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Caterpillar To Rehire Some If Stimulus Passes

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You want private sector job growth as a result of the new bill? This is an encouraging start: WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama says Caterpillar’s chief executive has told him the company will rehire some laid-off workers if the stimulus bill passes. The heavy equipment maker announced more than 22,000 job cuts last month […]

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The Stimulus Plan Illustrated

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money, Stimulus

What I think is most telling from the following graph is that the tax cuts make up some of the largest pieces of the plan. In fact, the payroll tax holiday is almost bigger than all the spending for infrastructure combined. I hope you can read these, but if you can’t you can always visit […]

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Many Americans Still Wary of Stimulus

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Congress, Economy, Stimulus

As the stimulus bill works its way closer to completion and the President continues his PR push, many Americans aren’t yet sold on the plan. While a Pew Center Research Poll found 51% support the bill, those numbers have declined from 57% with the biggest drop coming from those who’ve “heard a lot” about the […]

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$838B Stimulus Package Clears Senate

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Economic recovery, Legislation, recession, Republicans, Stimulus

The vote was 61-37, and the procedural vote yesterday made this margin all but certain. But this doesn’t mean it’s all sewn up. There’s still some debate to be had. Politico digs into the specifics… —Both House and Senate bills provide close to $87 billion in increased federal aid to help states meet their healthcare […]

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Two polls. Two graphs. Two views. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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This is a bad recession. About in the middle of pack as far as recessions go. The graphic points out an interesting aspect of recessions. They all end. And, surprisingly, they didn’t all need a trillion dollar stimulus bill from the Feds to end them. In fact, all of them combined up to now did not need a trillion dollar stimulus to end.

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Gallup: Americans Approve Of Obama’s Stimulus Work

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And there is strong disapproval for the way Republicans are handling this situation. Not only that, confidence in Obama’s ability to move this country in a positive direction seems to have risen over the past couple weeks… As I’ve said earlier today, Republicans are playing a dangerous electoral game by going all in on the […]

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Republicans Going All In On Stimulus Opposition

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The way some Republicans are talking, Obama’s plan will destroy our very way of life. Do they really think it’s smart to put such an extreme message out there? From CNN: Leading Republicans warned Sunday that the Obama administration’s $800 billion-plus economic stimulus effort will lead to what one called a “financial disaster.” “Everybody on […]

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Obama Hits the Road to Talk Stimulus

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Congress, Economy, Legislation, Stimulus

After failing to rally bipartisan support for the stimulus package, President Obama is taking to the road to rally the people behind his plan. The president will visit two areas hard hit by the recession: Elkhart, Indiana, and Fort Myers, Florida. The question is, will Obama’s trip be nothing more than the kind of cheering-crowd […]

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Stimulate this.

By mw | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Bailouts, Barack, Economic recovery, recession, Senate, Stimulus, Video

Pay no attention to the content (massive pork) in the bill. Pay no attention to the fact that it will not solve the root problem and will at best delay a day of reckoning. Pay no attention that it will add a trillion dollars of debt that we do not have and will have to borrow from the Chinese or tax from Americans or devalue the currency to repay. Just pass it, because an economic fear-mongering President says it should be passed.

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