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New Way to Choose a Candidate: Who’s gonna give me the best stuff?

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Hello all, My name is Sydney I’m one of the editors and writers of Reality Check ( a website that tracks US presidential candidates consistency. Justin likes our site (and we like his!) so he asked if I’d be willing to write or cross-post on Donklephant. I blog about the Presidential election, but my background […]

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Supporting Donklephant

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Hey all…Justin Gardner here. Since we launched on July 13th, Donklephant has had over 93,000 visits and 257,000 page views. I’m sure I speak for everybody on Donklephant when I sincerely thank you all of you for your attention, loyalty and thoughts. This site is about raising the discourse above the partisan bickering, and it’s […]

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The Best of Weblog Empire week ending 24 July

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Donklephant is part of the Weblog Empire network, a growing network of blogs providing quality content across a range of subjects. Some of the best posts this week include: The Blog Herald: latest blog count hits 70 million blogs, we predict that Blogpulse is poised to become Technorati slayer with new service, Italian Blog network […]

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Clarence Thomas’ Kelo Quote Turned Into T-Shirt

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Self explanatory

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