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Trump May Announce Presidential Intentions On Celebrity Apprentice Finale

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Well, at least now we know it’s a stunt. From Yahoo: The real estate mogul has chosen the season finale of his NBC reality show, “The Apprentice” as the venue for announcing his presidential decision, Newsmax reported late Wednesday. The show is set to air May 15. Newsmax reports that Trump will announce plans to […]

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Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Land of BIG Spirits

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Sarah Palin’s new reality show claims to show her in a “natural” setting. I bet there are more interesting perspectives on this natural state. Tweet

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Reality TV just like prison

By donar | Related entries in Cartoons, Political Graffiti, Television

NY Times link… Tweet

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Fox Making Layoffs into Reality Show

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Business, Economy, recession, Television

So, the ever-sophisticated minds at the Fox network have decided the recession could make for quality entertainment. The network plans to air a reality series where employees at struggling small businesses will decide who among them will be laid off (as distinct from the boss making the decision). Fox is attempting to position the show, […]

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Obama On 60 Minutes

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Television, Video

Busy morning for me, so not much blogging will be done. So…here’s the entire interview from last night. More later… Tweet

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Meet The Press For 11/16/08

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As always, the entire thing. Today’s was particularly good, with T. Boone Pickens making an appearance. Thoughts? Tweet

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Primetime Obama

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Television

So will you all be watching Barack Obama’s first Presidential address infomercial slated to hit all the major networks except ABC tonight? I suppose when you have as much money as the Obama campaign, a little 30 minute long, primetime ad is a pretty good way to saturate the market with your brand message. My […]

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Obama’s Race Speech Viewed 2,000,000+ Times In 2 Days

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Well, that’s heartening. At least people are seeing it. But how many of these are people who need to see it? Find more at Telegraph. Tweet

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The Return Of Yellow Journalism?

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In this video, I discuss the content and tone of 2008 election coverage. In my opinion, yellow journalism has returned and voters must be cautious, wary and skeptical. Most importantly, they must demand more… Part 1 and Part 2 Tweet

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David Caruso’s “Best” Moments On CSI Miami

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Television, Video

This is completely unrelated to anything political, but if bloggers can “cat blog” and Sully can post pictures from people’s windows, I can share this hidden gem. Basically, if you’ve seen any of the CSI shows, you should get a really big kick out of this. And even if you haven’t, well, you should laugh […]

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