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Hillary Picks Up Texas Superdelegate

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From Politico: A Texas DNC member, Jaime A. Gonzalez Jr., is coming out for Clinton, a campaign source says. The move by Gonzalez, a trial lawyer, gives her a net gain on the day. ALSO: He’s on Rules & Bylaws, which could be handy in a fight over Florida and Michigan. I didn’t hear about […]

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What’s A Texas County Delegate Convention Like?

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Ask Paul Silver… Our Travis County gathering of 8,000 was important enough to attract dozens of speeches by local candidates, elected representatives and included Terry McAuliffe of the Clinton Campaign. State leaders of the Clinton and Obama campaigns participated in our convention. The credentials committees that deal with disputes resolved scores of issues . My […]

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Hillary Enjoying Limbaugh Effect?

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Personally, I never thought Rush had this much pull, but if we’re talking about 60,000 people here or 80,000 people there, it begins to make sense. Not a lot of voters are needed to really swing these things or make them closer than they would have been. And closing the gap even by 5% is […]

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Bill Clinton Was On Rush Limbaugh’s Show The Day Before TX Primaries

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I missed it (obviously), but here are the details (audio here) … Apparently Rush had a guest host that day because he was “sick.” Heh, okay… Folks, this is an ex-President! That is absolutely nuts! But he apparently wanted to get all those ditto heads to come vote for Hillary so she could stay in […]

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Obama Wins Texas?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, Texas

When the caucus votes are FINALLY tallied, that’s the probably outcome. From NPR: […] one-third of the 193 delegates at stake this week were not awarded by the primary but by the caucuses held after the polls were closed. A record 4 million voters showed up for the primary, and a record 1.1 million also […]

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Still Waiting For Texas Democratic Caucus Results?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Texas

With around 39% precincts reporting, the political world is wondering when the other 61% come in. TPM has the answer (emphasis mine): Eric Kleefeld called down to Texas, and the Democratic Party tells him, in so many words, that the caucus reporting was voluntary. Precincts were not required to report results to the state party, […]

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Did Rush Swing Texas For Hillary?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hillary, Media, Partisan Hacks, Texas

I don’t think so, and the numbers don’t either… – Obama won Republicans more narrowly than usual, 52-47. In vote terms, that translates to roughly 134,000 to 123,000. – Overall, Clinton won Texas by just under 100,000 votes. It’s a close call, but unless the vast majority of Republicans who voted for Clinton (more than […]

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Texas Numbers Looking Good for Clinton

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Democrats, Texas

I’m looking at the county-by-county numbers in Texas at CNN and I think Clinton could very well win this. Travis County, home to Austin and its energized youthful voters, has almost 2/3 of the vote in and Obama has just 63% of the vote. I thought Obama could get as much as 75% of Travis […]

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Texas Caucuses a Complete Mess

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Democrats, Texas

The Texas Democratic Party has seriously embarrassed itself tonight as the caucuses have been a complete disaster. Reports include voters shut out because of fire code violations, ridiculously long waits, too few ballots, police called out to calm crowds and numerous voting irregularities. Did they not think people were going to show up for the […]

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Clinton Takes The Lead In Texas

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Well, they’re technically tied 49% to 49%, but she has more votes now. Clinton – 731,235 – 49% Obama – 723,944 – 49% The biggest caveat with these numbers? They don’t include Dallas, Houston or Austin. So we might see a big swing back toward Obama after those come in. Keep checking back! UPDATE: She […]

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