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I didn’t post my reactions to Barack Obama’s inaugural address yesterday because I knew I could not be anything close to objective. I was moved by the occasion and caught up in the sense of hope (justified or not). I thought the speech’s tone was an excellent blend of forcefulness and humility, of reaching back […]

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First Thoughts on the Obama Presidency

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In a few hours, Barack Hussein Obama will be President of the United States of America. This is an exceptional moment in U.S. history, not because Obama is the first black president (although that’s certainly noteworthy) but because we’re at one of those rare crossroads when we know the next four years will be of […]

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ANP (WATCH): Congress Ignored Critical Bailout Oversight Provision—No Way to Follow the Money

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Hi, this is Danielle Ivory from the American News Project. My colleague, Lagan Sebert, and I just published a new video on the bailout and a lack of serious oversight. Today, Henry Paulson urged Congress to release the second half of the $700 billion of the bailout money. But no one seems know what banks […]

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CIA Critic Finds Agency Set Up For Failure

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The International Herald Tribune has an opinion piece in it highly critical of the CIA. It makes one wonder if the guys in that agency have a mindset that much different from the automakers in Detroit. All have plenty of money to throw at a problem, but they seem to fail wherever they turn. First, […]

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77% Want Kids To Say Pledge Every Day

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Well, just when I think I understand Americans something like this comes around and smacks me in the face… 77% of U.S. voters say school children should say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning at school, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 13% say they should not, and 9% are undecided. […]

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To those who made it home, and to those who didn’t: thank you for being there. Tweet

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Obama is Elected President.

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So, it really is over. John McCain has conceded. Barack Obama is currently giving his victory speech. We have some new blue states and, in a few months, we’ll inaugurate a new president. The night has gone just about like the polls suggested it would. So I guess that data wasn’t so bad after all, […]

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ANP: Philadelphia Democrats Continue to Eat their own, Treat Registered Voters as if Unregistered

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Danielle, here! I’m back in Philly, my home away from home, sitting in a swanky hotel lobby, facing a wall, like a crazy person, in order to borrow wireless. And I’ve just published a piece for ANP. Here’s the scoop… Today, registered voters in Philly found their names missing from local poll books, which are […]

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We’re Going to Be Just Fine

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As the election neared, I heard more and more outlandish remarks about John McCain and Barack Obama. I was told that voting for Obama put me close to the ideology of the world’s tyrants. I read here in the comments that only the stupid, rich and racist are voting for McCain. I’ve seen, again and […]

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Presidential Losers

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We all know these three guys… But do you know who Horatio Seymour is? Or how about DeWitt Clinton? Check out ALL of the losers over at Hurty Elbow. Tweet

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