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This Week In The GOP VEEPstakes…

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“What goes up must come down,” as the old adage says. Mitt Romney was flying high like a kite on a windy day for so long, that it’s reasonable to assume he would have a hard time captivating the nation’s attention until election day. To be fair, Mitt still seems the most electable candidate in […]

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News On The Vice Presidency…

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Vote on this week’s VEEP Picture Poll: Which VP Had The Coolest Gun? Learn what Joe Biden’s been up to this month and read some of his latest quotes. Check out Rob Portman’s credentials and learn why both Republicans and Democrats think he’d be a great #2. Also, we have a feature titled: Gingrich, A […]

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A John Adams Story

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This morning, I came across an interesting little interview of the Republican Presidential Hopefuls, where the question was posed, “Who should be the fifth president on Mount Rushmore?” I’d have to say I’m with Perry on this one — there are enough Presidents on Mount Rushmore; why add another? But I also expected to hear a few […]

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Worst VEEP Nominees In History

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In the past, choosing a vice president wasn’t always such a big to-do. In fact, prior to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the party conventions just selected a running mate and that was that. The prevailing sentiment in the early years of the vice presidents was more or less, “Who cares what sidekick the President picks? It’s […]

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What’s New In The VEEPstakes

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In a recent National Journal poll, Marco Rubio smoked the competition as both the Democrat and Republican choice for a Republican running mate. See what other names came up. (Eric Cantor… really??) Also, in the news this week, there’s a Romney / Christie love-fest brewing, which leads many to speculate that, if given the nomination, […]

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The Race For Vice President

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Election Season is an exciting time to cover politics, especially when you look at all the limelight players shifting in the winds. It may be subtle, but people who want to be involved in the next White House Administration on some level must be making bold moves to capture the national spotlight right now. They […]

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VP Wannabes & A Look At Bob McDonnell

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During the early months of the election season, Republicans are keeping busier than ever — seeking the national spotlight by speaking out against Obama, writing books, giving interviews, and publicly supporting the GOP candidates. See which VP Hopefuls have been in the news recently! In other news, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell would make the perfect […]

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GOP Hopefuls Pick Hypothetical Running Mates

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During the Fox News debate last night, the GOP hopefuls were posed one of our favorite questions during the election season: “If you had to choose one of your opponents on the stage tonight to be your running mate in the 2012 election, who would you choose, and why?  And why would this person help […]

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Poll: Which VP Had The Cutest Dog?

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Joe Biden – German Shepherd – “Champ” Joe Biden came under fire from PETA for buying his German Shepherd, Champ, from a breeder in Pennsylvania, rather adopting from a shelter. The breeder regrets the sale, saying that she was later attacked by all sorts of animal rights groups and inspectors who cited her for multiple […]

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Where’s Joe Biden Been Hidin?

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What hasn’t Joe Biden been up to this month? He’s been flexing his foreign policy muscle with Asia, Romania, and Iraq. He’s started stumping in the Southeast, where breakfasts with Biden fetch $5,000 and dinners over $38,000 a plate. He is taking some heat over Solyndra, but he’s also shown his “human, Average Joe” side […]

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