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Why Are Things so Partisan?

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In my previous article (on how you can write-in “None of the Above”, rather than be forced into the choices dictated by the two party system,, I just noted how the write-in ballot can be used to express one’s dissatisfaction with the current partisan system, without really getting into how & why things came […]

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96-year-old Woman Who Voted During Jim Crow Is Denied Photo ID

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Law, Republicans, Voting

The title pretty much says it all, but here’s more from the Chattanooga Times Free Press: Dorothy Cooper is 96 but she can remember only one election when she’s been eligible to vote but hasn’t. The retired domestic worker was born in a small North Georgia town before women had the right to vote. She […]

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Election 2010: Incumbents Beware!

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Republicans, Voting

A lot happened last night. So if you weren’t keeping score…here are the highlights… Moderate Arlen Specter lost to liberal Joe Sestak in PA… Conservative/Libertarian Rand Paul captured the Republican nomination in Kentucky from the establishment’s candidate… Dem Blanche Lincoln didn’t get enough votes to prevent a runoff in Arkansas… However, in the special election […]

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California’s Proposition 14: Open Primaries, Open Vote

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Independents, Legislation, Video, Voting

Heard about this? Well, you will. Basically, open primaries are where the top two vote getters move on to the general, with the hopeful net result being that Dems and Repubs wouldn’t have to appeal to the more extreme elements of their party to get to the big show. Here’s more… So, no more party […]

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John Derbyshire Claims America Would Be Better Off If Women Couldn’t Vote

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Conservatives, Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Voting

First things first….obviously most conservatives don’t believe this. However, Ann Coulter has said something very similar. The audio… And here’s a partial transcript… DERBYSHIRE: Among the hopes that I do not realistically nurse is the hope that female suffrage will be repealed. But I’ll say this – if it were to be, I wouldn’t lose […]

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This Is What You Call A Low Information Voter

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Video, Voting

I feel dumber for having seen this, but it’s so hilariously clueless that I couldn’t stop watching. (Stolen from BTB. Thx Doug!) Tweet

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2010 Iowa Caucuses Held On Saturday

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, Iowa, Voting

This is BIG news as it’ll ensure that a lot more people participate. From Des Moines Register: Sources from both the Iowa Democratic Party and Republican Party of Iowa say they are getting ready to jointly announce a date for the 2010 Iowa caucuses. For the first time, they’ll be held on a Saturday afternoon […]

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Pro-Western Coalition Wins in Lebanon

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Foreign Policy, Iran, Mid-East, Voting

The Obama administration has undoubtedly breathed a sigh of relief after the pro-western coalition won yesterday’s parliamentary vote in Lebanon. After the president’s big speech about improving relationships between America and the Mid-East, a Hezbollah win in Lebanon would have been seen by many as a strong rebuke to Obama. Of course, calling the election […]

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Jindal Admits Story Was Incorrect

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Dumb Things Said By Smart People, History, Jindal, Voting

Earlier today I posted about Jindal’s suspect Hurricane Katrina story and now his handlers are revising the record. First, the clip… And now, the truth from Politico: The spokeswoman, Melissa Sellers, said the story Jindal told in his response to Obama actually took place some days later in Lee’s office — though still in Katrina’s […]

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Minnesota Recount Over. Franken Up 225 Votes.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Law, Minnesota, Voting

However, Norm Coleman is going to the courts to add even more rejected absentee ballots. Still, to overcome a 225 votes deficit at this point seems extremely unlikely. Here’s more from the Star Tribune… DFLer Al Franken held an unofficial lead of 225 votes over Coleman, according to a newspaper tally of the officials’ count […]

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