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Senators Ponder 2012 and a GOP Senate Majority

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What seemed likely last fall is now a virtual certainty – the Republicans will retake the Senate majority in 2012. The only way to retain our happily divided government and avoid a rerun of One Party Republican Rule in 2013, will be to re-elect Barack Obama.

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Webb Splits With Obama Over Drilling

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Energy, Environment, Gas, Oil, Veep, Virginia, Webb

Maybe yet another reason why Obama would want to pick Webb? I’ll explain why after the excerpt. From The Hill: Webb wants his home state to have the right to explore for energy off Virginia’s coast. His staff insists his proposal pertains only to natural gas, and not oil, and that it is completely in […]

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Obama VEEPwatch: Who Is Jim Webb?

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In the search for VEEP, Jim Webb’s name has been floating around a lot, but why? If you’re in-the-dark about what makes Virginia Senator Jim Webb so special, here’s a comprehensive guide of all you need to know to engage in the Veepstake conversations at the water cooler! Congressional Credentials: VA Senator (2007) Committees: Foreign […]

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The Democratic Ticket?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Veep, Virginia, Webb

As far as chatter goes, the talk around Webb as VP has cooled a bit since it was first raised, but since Obama essentially started his campaign in Virginia yesterday, I think it’s appropriate to raise the question again. So how does Webb stack up against the rest of the field? How do you think […]

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Webb’s GI Bill Secures Veto Proof Senate Victory

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75-22. McCain didn’t vote, but stressed in recent weeks he was against it because it gave TOO much money to GIs. From Craig Newmark’s blog: Overwhelming GI Bill Victory in the Senate World War II-Style GI Bill Passed as Part of War Supplemental NEW YORK – Today, by an overwhelming 75-22 margin, the Senate passed […]

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Jim Webb Explains Racism And Race Frustrations

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Race, Veep, Video, Webb

This guy is shaping up to be THE guy to beat in the VP stakes because he can really help Obama with his “race” problem. What’s apparent from the following clip is he understands why people may not be choosing Obama based on race…and it’s not necessarily racism. The part I’m talking about starts about […]

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Jim Webb Isn’t “That” Interested In VP

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Veep, Video, Webb

Not too long ago, I outlined the pluses and minuses of a Webb VP nod. Today, Tim Russert asked the senator on Meet The Press… It’s not a no, and it’s a common response when asked about such things. What do you think? Tweet

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Jim Webb For VP?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, McCain, Military, Money, Veep, Virginia, Webb

A former Republican turned Democrat who could put Virginia in play? Plus massive foreign policy credibility? Plus, like Obama, not a lot of time spent “inside the beltway”? Marc Ambinder agrees, and notes the release of Webb’s book tomorrow: “A Time To Fight: Reclaiming a Just And Fair America” is Webb’s most explicitly political to […]

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