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CNN VIDEO: Wisconsin Moves To Toss-Up

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John King breaks it down… Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. While Wisconsin leans left, when voter enthusiasm isn’t up…it’s tight. Kerry barely won it in 2004 and Gore’s margin was even closer in 2000. Obama ran away with it in 2008, so it remains to be seen if Ryan can make that big of an […]

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Scott Walker’s Hiring Problem

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At the same time he’s fighting the unions in Wisconsin…he hired the kid of a donor to oversee a very important, high paying regulatory position? Yikes… Just in his mid-20s, Brian Deschane has no college degree, very little management experience and two drunken-driving convictions. Yet he has landed an $81,500-per-year job in Gov. Scott Walker’s […]

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Joe Scarborough Calls Union Busting UnAmerican

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Obviously this doesn’t mean that unions haven’t overreached or don’t have flaws. They have and they do…just like businesses and governments have flaws and put their employee in harm’s way, discriminate against them, etc. Because let’s remember that unions didn’t spring up because they weren’t needed. And let’s not pretend that employers won’t exploit their […]

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Taiwan explains Wisconsin

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Taiwanese animations are the future of all mainstream news. The folks at NextMedia have distilled US TV news, newspaper commentary, blogs, and twitter feeds on the Wisconsin standoff into an easily digestible two minute animation. As far as the legislative standoff is concerned, this is a foregone conclusion. Polls do not support the AWOL Wisconsin Senators. The Wisconsin State Assembly passed the Walker Budget Repair Bill after beating back a filibuster and the Senators will have to return sometime or be recalled. The protesters in Madison will have to go back to work or be fired. The Republicans have the votes and Walker has the will. Done deal. I think it is all Kabuki Theater in Wisconsin from this point.

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The Left is Not Amused

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Digby at Hullabaloo who expends almost 800 words to explain why Jon Stewart is not funny and a traitor to the cause

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Elections Have Consequences – Wisconsin Edition

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In Madison, Wiscosnsin – the public sector unions have organized protests at the steps of the capitol to exercise their Democratic right to shut down the Democratic legislative process and subvert the Democratically expressed wishes of the Wisconsin electorate, in order to be sure that the union money flow to the Democratic Party is not interrupted.

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Moderate Wisconsin Republicans Propose Union Compromise, But…

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First, let’s understand what we’re talking about here. Wisconsin is running a budget deficit because of the fiscal crisis and Republicans are looking to public sector employees to make up the difference. From WSJ: Mr. Walker’s bill would close a projected $3.6 billion shortfall by forcing public employees to pay 5.8% of their salary toward […]

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Russ Feingold Falls In Wisconsin

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It doesn’t look like it’ll even be close. From TPM: As the Republican wave spreads across the country, it’s time to say goodbye to one of the big-name progressive champions of the past 18 years: Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), champion of campaign finance reform and longtime opponent of the Patriot Act, has gone down in […]

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Obama Wins In Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and New York

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79 electoral votes here for the Illinois senator. Moving on… Tweet

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Big Ten Battleground: Obama Up Big In Key Midwest States

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More numbers bring more bad news for McCain. Now, Big Ten polls the eight states where the Big Ten school are, so some of them (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota) I’m not going to even bother showing since they’re safely blue. Instead, I’ll focus on four McCain has been campaigning in recently. Indiana: +10 Obama 51% […]

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