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5 Cool Photo Editing Apps to Download Today

The average internet user spends about 2.5 hours on social media. We perfectly curate the images we decide to show to the world. And because of that, we need the right tools to do so.

Nowadays, rarely anyone posts an image without touching it up a little first. Whether you just want to color correct or want to put tons of cute filters on, you’re probably wondering which apps you should go for.

Here are 5 cool photo apps you should download today.



If you’ve heard of “VSCO girls” before, this is where the term comes from. You can download this photo editing app for free and pay more for a subscription if you want access to more filters and tools.

VSCO has exploded in popularity because they’re able to do filters well. Instead of them being extremely noticeable, they’re subtle enough to still add a special touch to your images.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is both a desktop and mobile design app. Not only can you edit images, but you can also edit videos and create web pages.

If you want to do things such as mirror an image, you can easily do so in this app. Using it is a cinch, and you won’t have to pay a cent to use the basic features. If you enjoy using it, you can always upgrade to a paid account.

3. Snapseed

This is Google’s version of a photo editing app. One of its best features is you can use more than one effect on the photo; the stacking can create some truly unique looks.

Its features are so advanced that professionals will be happy with it. However, they’re not so far advanced that they alienate beginners to photo editing.


4. Lens Distortions

This app is a bit different from the rest since it focuses on adding realistic effects to your photos.

For example, if you want to add a flare or light leak to your images, you can do so with Lens Distortions and it’ll look like it was originally there. This can bring significantly more life to your photos.

5. Moldiv

This one’s for the people who like to make collages. Now, you won’t have to painstakingly edit each picture, then put them into one collage.

Moldiv allows you to choose from their collage templates. Then, you can put your photos into the frame. From there, you can edit it and add signatures and stickers, as well as export your collages to your social media accounts.

Get These Cool Photo Apps for Your Phone

With these cool photo apps downloaded onto your phone, the possibilities are endless for making perfect pictures. Whether you want to tweak a selfie or polish pictures of sweeping landscapes, at least one of these is sure to be ideal for the job.

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