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How to Collect & Measure Brand Recognition Data

When someone says “hamburger,” you think of McDonald’s. When someone says “coffee,” you think of Starbucks. And a full 94% of the world’s population can instantly recognize the Coca-Cola logo.

Regardless of how you personally feel about their offerings, these companies are synonymous with the products they sell. Why? Because they’ve used brand recognition data to build some of the most recognizable brands on Earth.

How can you achieve the same level of recognition for your brand? Here are three simple ways to measure brand awareness.


1. Create a Brand Awareness Survey

The most logical place to start is by asking people directly how much they know about your brand. All you have to do is choose your target audience and fire away.

As you create your survey questions, think about the specific data you hope to collect. For example, do you want to measure brand awareness or brand recognition? Do you want to see if your audience knows what your brand does, or are you more interested in learning what they think of your products?

2. Check Your Social Media Metrics

The following you build in social media is a fairly accurate representation of how many people know (and like) your brand. Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool because it brings customers into contact with your brand on a regular basis.

Take a look at, not just the number of followers you have, but also the reach of your posts. How many people are actually viewing and interacting with your content? What times of days are they most likely to be active online?

Pro tip: Are you having a hard time gaining new followers on social media? It might be time to switch from images to video content. View these video brochures to learn more about this powerful marketing tool.

3. Get Familiar With Google Trends

As a busy business owner, you don’t have time to roam the internet all day looking for mentions of your brand. That’s why Google invented a free competitive analysis tool that does this for you.

Google Trends helps you to better understand what your audience is interested in and wondering about. The results are updated in real-time so you’ll know exactly who’s talking about you and when. Using this data, you can determine whether these mentions are decreasing or increasing over time.

This tool is especially helpful for businesses that rely on customers within a specific area. You can search trends in your neighborhood, city, county, or state to gauge awareness in your locale. Or, if you’re expanding, you can expand your search to view national and global trends related to your brand.

Building a Brand With Brand Recognition Data

As we’ve discussed, brand awareness and brand recognition are two different things. 

If you’re struggling to gain traction with your target audience, use these tips to collect brand recognition data. Then you can use this data science to build a bigger and better following!

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