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Lawn Care Tips: Top 5 Lawn Mowing Practices to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

More than 75 percent of people in the US who have a yard say their lawn is the most important part of their outdoor space. We look at our yards as an extension of our homes, so we want them to be well maintained.

Do you have a lawn that doesn’t seem to improve no matter how hard you work on it? Here are some great mowing practices to help you get a healthy lawn.


1. Sharpen Your Blades

Always mow your lawn with a sharp blade to keep your grass healthy. If your lawnmower has a dull blade, you’re essentially beating the grass, which can cause damage and that may allow diseases to set in.

Check that the blades are installed correctly and not upside down. You will have a ragged-looking lawn if you mow with an improperly installed blade.

2. Consider Lawn Care Services

Consider contacting a lawn care service if your lawn needs a boost to get your season started or you don’t know how to repair a neglected lawn. This website is a great example of the services a professional lawn care company can provide.

A local company is an excellent choice as they understand the local weather conditions and know what to do to keep your lawn healthy throughout the seasons. For insect control or preventative treatments for lawn diseases, it’s best to have some expert help.

3. Identify Your Grass

If you know what kind of grass you have on your lawn, you’ll have one of the most healthy lawns in your neighborhood. Each type of grass has an ideal height best for that species. That perfect height is between 1 and 4 inches, which is a wide range.

Mowing height generally depends on the size of the blades of grass. Smaller, thinner blades of grass do well when you cut them shorter, but thicker blades need more height to stay healthy. 

4. Adjust Your Mowing Height

Adjust the deck height of your mower according to your grass species and the time of year you’re mowing. Your lawn is likely a bit longer after the winter, and you don’t want to shock it by chopping it too short. You should set your deck height high for your first mow in the early spring.

Gradually lower the height with each mowing until you reach the ideal height for your grass. The last mow in the fall should be a bit shorter than usual, about 1.5 inches. This will keep grass from getting matted over the winter and helps prevent diseases.

5. Use a Mulching Mower

When you mow frequently, the size of your grass clippings is pretty small, and it’s easy to leave them behind on your lawn. When you mulch instead of raking or bagging your clippings, it improves the soil.

Decomposing clippings adds nutrients that will improve your lawn. If you end up with some larger clumps because you mowed infrequently, run the mower over it again, and it will disperse the clumps.

Maintain a Healthy Lawn Today

There are a lot of lawn care tips to keep your lawn in tiptop shape. Now that you understand the steps, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy lawn through all seasons. 
Did this article help you understand how to maintain your lawn and mow it properly? Be sure to check out more home and garden ideas on our blog.

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