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Minecraft: Apple TV Edition No More? When Is Mojang Updating the tvOS Version?


Minecraft has been a treasure trove of rumors from enthusiasts who are patiently waiting for updates on their favorite game using their favorite platform. Gamers of Minecraft: Apple TV Edition, for one, have been on the lookout for Mojang to update the tvOS version.

How long must Minecraft enthusiasts on Apple TV have to wait?


Minecraft: Apple TV Update

It’s an inevitable question that popped up on a Minecraft subreddit (r/MCPE). The original poster (OP) asked if the update to the Apple TV edition of Minecraft is still on. OP said he/she has yet to receive a response from people behind Minecraft.

Other Redditors chimed in, holding onto hope for updates since Minecraft: Apple TV Edition was released in December 2016. As Minecraft Gamepedia noted, the edition was released without a beta edition and its update came out in August last year.

For its lack of updates, gamers on tvOS commonly run into these issues:

  1. They can’t play with gamers on Bedrock Editions despite the Apple TV Edition a Bedrock one.
  2. They can create Realms through their iOS subscription but the gameplay is limited to players who are on Apple TV. Some Apple TV users also complained of Realms not working on the devices.

Mojang, not Apple

The issue clearly involves Mojang, a subsidiary of Microsoft, because they are the creators of Minecraft tvOS edition. While the game’s codebase has been updated for iOS devices, it was not for tvOS which one Redditor pointed out as a different platform. This could explain why the game is not supported by newer generations of Apple TV.

With the update on the tvOS edition pending, it’s a question whether users can transfer worlds they created on their Apple TV to their phones. That also remains to be answered as per u/HelenAngel, community manager at Minecraft.

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