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How to Dispose Of Unwanted Electronics the Right Way

Globally, nearly 27 million tons of electronic waste has been thrown out this year alone.

Did you know there is a term for when we dispose of old electronics? The term “e-waste” is loosely applied toward old, discarded electronics or electronics destined for refurbishment, salvaged recycling, or worst of all, the landfill.

So, what can we do about this growing problem?


Why Is It Important to Dispose of Old Electronics Safely?

While we’ve all heard the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”, it is more important than ever that we take it to heart and incorporate it into our daily lives. Knowing how to dispose of old electronics safely is for the good of our planet.

Electronics included under the e-waste umbrella range from cell phones and laptops, to gaming consoles and Christmas lights. Because of the prevalence of electronics in our daily lives, it is important to know where to dispose of these old electronics in the right way.

Where to Dispose of Old Electronics

Most cities within the US offer electronic recycling programs that include the recycling of common items. Find the one closest to you with a quick, online search. Something as simple as ‘electronic waste disposal near me’ in your city will help you find a way to dispose of your old electronics.

Manufacturers or retail businesses also offer recycling programs for different products. In addition, plenty of nonprofit organizations exist that can assist you with your search for a recycling center.

There are specific websites such as that are set up to assist with specific recycling programs. They can guide you on what items are accepted as part of their program.

Think Before You Toss

Our electronics are all made of valuable, finite resources. Because of the global demand for tech products, these resources are becoming more and more scarce. By properly disposing of electronics, we are contributing to less consumption of scarce resources and conserving energy along the way.

In addition, the proper disposal and recycling of old electronics prevent toxic materials from building up in a landfill. These toxins can leach into the soil, eventually contaminating the water supply.

These facts should be kept in mind before carelessly tossing out the old for the new.

Electronic Recycling For a Greener Earth

In a highly tech-centered world, it can be hard to imagine life without our phones and laptops. However, it is of utmost importance that we know how to dispose of our old electronics if we are to play our part in reducing pollution.

We need to be vigilant about keeping as much of our old electronic items out of the landfill as possible. Keeping ourselves well informed of the best way to dispose of old electronics means we will all be doing our part in contributing toward a greener Earth.

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