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What Are Ultrasonic Speakers?

The electronic market is still improving as more people discover new tech and adapt it to their lives. A lot of the time, you may notice a decent improvement in speakers, and it is important that you opt for technology that advances your experience and meets all of your audio needs. 

Out there, you may come across speakers that use an ultrasonic method of sound. You may find this intriguing and would like to know more.

Read on to learn a brief explanation of what an ultrasonic speaker is and how it can benefit your listening experience.


Ultrasonic Speakers: How They Work

Ultrasonic speakers are a type of speaker that uses ultrasonic waves to produce sound. They are also called piezoelectric speakers a piezoelectric crystal creates the sound waves. This makes them ideal as outdoor speakers.

The piezoelectric crystal is an electrical conductor that vibrates when a voltage is applied to it. The vibrations of the crystal create sound waves that are picked up by the speaker’s diaphragm and amplified. 

The Benefits

Ultrasonic speakers emit sound waves that are above the frequency that humans can hear. This means that the sound is not irritating or distracting to people nearby. The sound waves from these can also travel farther than traditional speakers, making them long-range speakers intended for big spaces. 

In addition, they are very efficient and use very little power. Focusonics ultrasonic speakers offer these same benefits with their sleek design. They also disperse sound better to a crowd than a traditional speaker.

The Different Types of Ultrasonic Speakers

There are two main types of ultrasonic speakers: piezoelectric and magnetostrictive.

Piezoelectric speakers use a piezoelectric element to generate sound, while magnetostrictive speakers use a magnetic field to vibrate a membrane. 

Both speakers are directional speakers, which provide a better range of sound. An ultrasonic speaker incorporates a parametric array of sound. This means that it reproduces sound instead of generating it.

Ultrasonic Speaker: A Better Experience

These speakers are often used in high-end audio systems because of their superior sound quality. They are also more expensive than traditional speakers. Even with this in mind, they are great investments.

Research shows that this speaker is indeed a distinct type of high-quality speaker. Humans are generally less sensitive to ultrasonic waves. This makes them safer to the hearing than traditional speakers. 

Choose the Right Ultrasonic Speaker for You

When choosing the right speaker for you, there are many factors to consider. The first is the frequency response. You want a speaker that can reproduce the frequencies you want to hear. 

The second is sensitivity. This is how much power the speaker needs to produce a given sound pressure level. The third is the maximum SPL. This is the highest sound pressure level the speaker can produce. 

The fourth is power handling. This is the amount of power the speaker can handle before it is damaged. The last is the price. You want to find a speaker that is affordable and will meet your needs.

Improve your Sound Quality

Ultrasonic speakers are a great way to improve the sound quality of your music. They use sound waves to produce high-quality sound, and they are very efficient. If you are looking for a way to improve the sound quality of your music, then you should consider getting one.

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