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Laptop Cleaning: How to Properly Deep Clean Your Laptop

While 92% of Americans have computing devices, they might not know how to clean them the right way. After all, you don’t want to damage the screen or internal electronics. But you do want to wipe away germs and dirt.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how to approach laptop cleaning the right way!


Turn to Compressed Air and a Damp Cloth

How do you clean your laptop? Start by using compressed air to remove crumbs that have wedged themselves between your keys. The air also can get rid of dust trapped along the edges of the vents.

If you’re like most people, you probably munch on snacks while working. The crumbs and sticky residue from your chips and salsa can get stuck on all parts of your laptop. You can use a damp cloth — not a soaking wet one — to clean up any residue that the air won’t get.

And don’t overlook the rest of the laptop, as well as your workstation. If you have Desire 2 Laptop Stands to keep your laptop propped up, you want them to look good, too! While you’re at it, wipe down the exterior of the laptop and the desk around it.

Use Spray Cleaners for Electronics

How you sanitize your keyboard is up to you, but avoid using bleach-based products. You can use isopropyl alcohol on keyboards, and distilled water, too. You even can mix a little vinegar into your water for more aggressive grime.

Don’t reach for the spray bottle you use to clean your kitchen or bathroom, though. The chemicals in these cleaners may be too hard for the sensitive LCD screen on your laptop.

You also can use an electronics-designated cleaner. Just be sure to spray the cleaner into a cloth rather than spraying it directly on the laptop. 

And use a microfiber cloth to do the cleaning. That way, you won’t leave behind paper shreds or fuzzies the way you might with a paper towel. And the microfiber surface is gentle enough to avoid scratching your equipment when you’re wiping it. 

Deep Cleaning Means Taking Your Laptop Apart

Can you disassemble your laptop? Your first step should be looking online to see if it’s possible. For the newest laptops, you might be stuck only addressing surface grime.

But if you can take apart your laptop, you can make a dirty laptop even cleaner. First, turn it off and remove the battery. Then remove the panel on the back of your laptop.

Reach for the compressed air again. This time, you’ll be using it to remove dust particles so they exit through the laptop’s vents. Doing this ensures that the internal mechanisms continue to run smoothly — as long as you put everything back together again!

Make Laptop Cleaning a Priority 

When you make laptop cleaning part of your normal cleaning routine, you might enjoy using it more. Use compressed air to pry loose crumbs and other debris. Then use a damp rag and designated laptop cleaner.

Find more advice to keep your tech items in good shape. Check back soon for new articles!

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