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GogoAnime beats KissAnime as most popular anime streaming site

GogoAnime tops KissAnime as most popular anime streaming site


In case, you are wondering, why these anime sites are here, both of them have their own apps in Android.  You can have it on your phone or whatever you have that has the apps. The apps are free to download and you would be able to watch all of the anime movies and series that you like. Both sites are updated regularly so that you can enjoy watching the best in the industry. If you want to download them, you can expect some of the best anime. Once that you have chosen the anime that you want to download then it would only take several minutes depending on how many bytes are in there.

The apps itself are available on any apps download sites such as APKPure and lots more. Just make sure that your device can run it so there won’t be any hassle in the future.  It would be nice to consider that before downloading it as it might slow down your device or worst, it might corrupt your device to the point that it can’t be use anymore.


GogoAnime Vs KissAnime on SimilarWeb

These two are some of the best in the industry and honestly, I have been using both.  While most of the anime are available in both sites, there are some anime that aren’t available in one site. This holds true on other sites similar to the two.

According to SimilarWeb, GogoAnime has a better audience reach in the last six months than its rival. The total visits for GogoAnime is 71.28 million while the other one only has 29.35 million. Visits for GogoAnime has a duration of 13:04 minutes while the other has 15:48 minutes. Most of the users are coming from countries such as United States, United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Philippines and 249 other countries.

Based on Google Trends

According to this site, it is the other way around as KissAnime has a better reach than its rival. Then again, we should know that it was based on the last 1 year reached while the other stats was based on the last 6 months. Both sites are have been trusted and used by some of the sites’ owner to know about the audience reach of their sites.



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