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A Brief Guide to Activity-Based Working

Did you know that 79% of Americans say company culture is important for job satisfaction? This statistic has made plenty of employers sit up and take notice, and one of the latest ways to try and create an enhanced business environment is to use an activity-based working (ABW) system.

But what is activity-based working and how can it benefit your business? In essence, this is a system whereby you provide your staff with various different workplace settings. They can then use these spaces to complete specific work activities or tasks.

While this is not yet a mainstream approach, activity-based workspaces can bring numerous advantages to your business.

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Increased Productivity

Your employees need the right office environment and tools to produce their best work and giving them separate workspaces for particular jobs can help them thrive. 

For example, employees could use an area that has the most up-to-date tech for computer design work. They could then move to a quiet desk space to make phone calls to clients. You could also have an open plan area where employees can talk and swap ideas.

This can result in greater collaboration and a boost in staff productivity. 

Greater Flexibility

When using an ABW layout, your employees have much more flexibility than they would when working in a standard office. This allows them to choose when and where they will complete certain tasks, making it easier for staff to feel more in control of their work schedule.

However, to avoid people trying to use desks at the same time, it’s important to use scheduling software. Before you choose a software system you can click for more information.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

When you create a better workspace for employees, you can attract and retain the finest professionals in your sector. This is because they will see that you are a forward-thinking company. Employees will also feel more comfortable working in your office. 

This can be a great selling point when hiring staff and negotiating salaries. 

Save Money

Your workplace strategy will involve keeping costs as low as possible, and an activity-based system can allow you to cut down on your expenditure. For example, you might not need to buy as many employee desks as staff members will be using different spaces at various times.

You could also let staff bring their own laptops into the office rather than using your computers that they may not find easy to use. This could save your business thousands of pounds over an extended period.

Design Your Activity-Based Working Environment

Having an activity-based working environment can positively transform the way your employees work. You could see a dramatic increase in productivity, and staff members can enjoy greater flexibility in their daily working tasks. 

This way of working can also help you attract high-quality staff, and save you a significant of money.  Once you implement an activity-based working system, you’ll never look back!

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