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A Beginner’s Guide to RuneScape

Are you looking for new computer games to play? Have you heard Runescape and wish to know the best way to begin?

Did you know that over 1 million people play Runescape each day? Join this number today.

Are you interested in playing RuneScape but aren’t sure where to begin? Here is the complete beginner’s guide to RuneScape to help you get started.


Guide to RuneScape

RuneScape is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Its popularity has grown tremendously since its creation. 

Your character can travel around the vast world and complete different quests. The quests will raise their progression level. But what gaming tips are there for new players wishing to join the game?

Complete the Tutorial

Needless to say that tutorials are there for a reason. It is a gaming guide that is there to help you come to grips with the controls of the game. 

The tutorial will place you in Gielinor on the path system. This path system will explain the different aspects of the game. 

These aspects will include the controls and explain the daily challenges. It will also give your three quests to complete in order to continue. 

Complete a Quest

Now you have completed the tutorial and have learned the basics of the game. The next step is to pick a quest to complete. 

Head to the Quest List tab and choose a quest. Don’t just choose a random one as you may not be quite ready for that one yet. Look at the descriptions for the difficulty level.

Don’t run before you can walk. Take your time, and you will find things a lot easier. 

Build Your Character

Progressing a building your character is a vital part of the game. You can do this by completing quests and leveling up your skills. 

With new skills, you can unlock new equipment, quests, and abilities. The faster you can level up your skills, the higher the rewards will be from the different quests.

Use OSRS gold to help build your character. Doing so can be extremely helpful for the game. 

Perfect the Combat

The combat controls can become quite complicated. But, as with everything in life, practice makes perfect. 

By completing quests, you will be able to practice your combat skills. This will allow you to hone the art of combat truly. Finding you can complete battles with ease, mixed with your upgraded skill, you will grow into an unstoppable force. 

Join a Clan

Clans are a huge part of RuneScape. By being an online game, you are able to join clans and meet people from all over the world. 

Joining a clan can also help with your leveling up. Some of your clanmates will be high levels and may be willing to help you progress.

Escape to Runescape

Now you have a quick guide to RuneScape for beginners. How will you choose to progress? 

Complete the tutorial. Go out on quests. Level up your character. 

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