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5 Interesting Uses for Personalized Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been around for some time now, with some reports dating the coins back to Ancient Rome. However, the first of the challenge coins we see today came about around the Korean war and were given out to Colonel “Buffalo Bill’s”soldiers to wear around their necks. 

Today, you can use challenge coins for several different things as they make excellent personalized products that others can cherish and collect. 

Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn more about personalized challenge coins and discover all the different exciting ways you can use them. 


1. Club Memberships

Many clubs are exclusive. You can use a personalized challenge coin to distinguish the people who are members of the club from those that are not. These customized products make an excellent exclusive club membership token that can be used to enter the club. 

Non-exclusive clubs can also benefit from using challenge coins as a souvenir rather than a membership token.

2. Event Souvenir

Souvenirs are one of the best ways of remembering an event or something special that happened. For example, suppose you were to attend an event such as a conference designed to teach the next great leaders in business. In that case, you could create a personalized coin with something like “leader” on it to show your appreciation for those that attended. 

They even have ways to get creative with the souvenir, like using wooden bottle openers that can be designed to look the same as challenge coins. This way, every time the group gets together, everybody will have their own unique bottle opener.

3. Promoting a Business

Looking to get a return on your challenge coins? Try using them as promotional products to spread the word about your business and start seeing the returns. 

You can use the personalized coins as branded items that promote your name, logo, or slogan. According to a recent survey, 37% of marketing professionals say brand awareness the top business goal: the more eyes that see your business information, the better.

4. Collectors Items

Did you know that challenge coins also make outstanding collector items? Just like other collectibles like sports cards or art, some pieces are rarer than others. 

You can collect challenge coins that are no longer being used by the owner, and who knows, maybe one day it will be worth something.

5. Sports Teams

One way of bringing the team together is by giving them all a personalized challenge coin representing the team with the logo or team name. Each player can receive a coin, making them feel a part of an exclusive team. The coins can then be kept forever, allowing the players to stay connected. 

Personalized Challenge Coins: Is It for You

These are just a few of the many ways you can use personalized challenge coins. They can be used as unique gifts, branded items to promote your business, or as a way of bringing the team altogether. The best part about these coins is they last forever – you can always have a piece of the event or whatever you decided to use the coin for.

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