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9 Tips on Building a Gaming Setup at Home for Beginners

Did you know that the gaming industry made almost $152 billion in 2019? With all the ways to play today, 52% of gamers still prefer playing on their PCs. 

Are you one of those gamers who enjoy gaming on your PC? You might be interested in building a gaming setup in your home. 

This guide will provide some tips to help you do that. Keep reading to learn how to create the best gaming setup you can. 


1. The Right Desk 

When putting together a room for gaming you have to make sure to get the desk that makes your gaming experience better. The desk should be the right height so that you can sit comfortably. Since you’ll be at this desk for hours at a time you want something that won’t cause you too much strain. 

Test different desks out when shopping to see which feels the best. Your arms shouldn’t be too high or too low. Make sure that your desk is wide enough to accommodate multiple monitors and your keyboard too. 

2. The Right Computer Is Vital 

While you might have a laptop you feel comfortable using if you’ve had it a couple of years, it might be too old for your gaming needs today. Newer games need updated software that your old computer can’t download anymore. 

A powerful processor is key to avoid lagging while you game. PCs are the better option for gamers but newer Macs are being built with the hardware gamers need. The good thing is you have options when it comes to picking a new computer for gaming. 

3. You Need a Comfortable Chair 

The next important part of your gaming setup is finding the perfect chair. Investing in a quality chair will help you enjoy gaming without the stiffness and pain that comes with sitting at a desk for hours at a time. 

While you can choose a regular desk chair, there are specialized gaming chairs on the market that provide optimal comfort and prevent pain while you play. It’s important to take care of your body and health so choosing a high-quality chair is a vital part of the process.  

4. A Good Monitor 

When playing games with friends you need to buy some additional monitors so everyone can see what they’re playing clearly. A good monitor for gaming will have a more vibrant color. 

The right monitor will also have improved response time and refresh rates. This will help prevent lagging and create a smooth picture for the best gaming experience. 

While you don’t necessarily need more than one monitor, it can also help you multitask. You can game with one monitor while watching other gamers live-stream their play on your other monitor. 

5. Good Audio Is Important Too

To get the full gaming experience you’ll need to have great sound. Speakers can enhance your gaming time and make it feel more theatrical as if you were in the video game yourself. 

Good speakers also allow all the players in the room to hear the game no matter where they’re sitting. Headphones are the better option for solo game time. Using headphones allows you to play without getting distracted by other noise. 

6. The Mouse and Keyboard

The mouse and keyboard are the next important step in building your gaming setup. A wireless keyboard is the better option because it eliminates lagging and gives you faster access to all the keys you need to play. 

A wireless keyboard also reduces straining on your wrists if you play for long hours. This helps you avoid pain in the long run. A good mouse can provide extra sensors for customized play. 

7. Find Quality Controllers 

While you can play PC games with a high-quality keyboard and mouse, you’ll want to invest in the latest gaming technology. A good gaming controller can help improve your play. 

You can choose a wired controller but a wireless controller is the better option. This allows more movement and better control of the device which will improve your performance the more you play. 

Some of the wireless controllers for other gaming systems will pair with your PC if you already have these controllers at home. If you need a new one prices vary, so you’re very likely to find one within your home gaming setup budget. 

8. Think About Getting a Projector

If you want a more unique gaming experience you’ll want to consider adding a projector to your gaming setup. You can look into home theater projectors for your gaming setup. These projectors are always of higher quality. 

Using a projector will make the image larger and make playing more fun. Choose a projector with a low response time. You’ll also need a projector with a high lumen count. 

Read this article to learn about one of the many different types of video games you can play once you’ve finished building your gaming setup. 

9. A Quality Headset 

The last thing on your gaming setup checklist is a new headset. You might already be using headphones to play your games but a quality headset will enhance your experience. 

Choose a headset with a built-in mic to allow you to talk to friends when playing with others online. You also want a headset that fits comfortably. Make sure you try it on before buying. 

Tips for Building a Gaming Setup

If you’re considering building a gaming setup you’ll want to follow the tips listed in this guide. The right computer and a good chair are vital. 

Did you find this article informative? If you did, make sure to check out some of the other tech and gaming blogs on our site to learn more. 

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