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LOOK: Getting GBWhatsApp Official Download for 2018


“Where to download GBWhatsApp?” is surely a question that comes up in social media such as Twitter especially when you need to update the app. While GBWhatsApp is not an app shrouded in mystery, it surely can be confusing for most users to find out where to download it officially.

The answer is right here as we give you a good look at GBWhatsApp and where to find its official download for 2018.


Getting GBWhatsApp From the Source

The developer of GBWhatsApp goes by the name of Omar (@atnfas_hoak) on Twitter and he often posts about improvements to mods he’s working on, GBWhatsApp included. On May 12, for instance, he tweeted about an improved auto reply by adding or excepting persons or groups in contacts.

While this update is yet to be revealed soon, the auto reply has been improved on GBWhatsApp Ver. 6.30. In his notes to changelog, the developer posted in the forum about key changes to group chats such as adding descriptions and an option to hide them. In the same forum post, the developer provided a link to the APK of GBWhatsApp.

This APK can also be downloaded via trusted other third-party sites. You can follow the developer on Twitter to get the latest updates on GBWhatsApp.

Is Downloading GBWhatsApp Safe?

With the app being not on Google Play Store, some netizens are having doubts about the security of their identity and their devices when they download GBWhatsApp. To be fair, millions have downloaded the app and so far, no data breach caused by the app has been reported.

It’s ultimately up to you to download the app to benefit from its features like hiding online status. Always exercise caution when downloading any app for that matter and make sure you know what you are doing.

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