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Why EA Should Revive Dead Space 4 Based On Its Original Genre?


Visceral Games has had a great job at developing Dead Space 1 and 2. In fact, it has helped to revitalize the classic survival horror genre during the time when Resident Evil was chasing more action-style gameplay.

However, it was during its 3rd installment when Dead Space itself has given up to the trend. Likewise, Visceral has also produced Dante’s Inferno, which was considered tragically underrated.

Well, the third installment released in 2013 was considered the final game. The problem with this was Visceral moved on to develop other projects, which led to the delay of the fourth installment Dead Space 4.

Although there was a lack of promising response to the third installment, Dead Space 4 might still be possible by making a few tweaks to the game. Perhaps it might even be more exciting to see a new Dead Space to come after a long hiatus.

The fact that Visceral Games was shut down by Electronics Arts, fans are looking forward to the revival of the Dead Space franchise. Thus, here are some of the reasons why Dead Space 4 should be revived by EA.


Return To Horror

The third release of the Dead Space franchise was said to be disappointing due to the fact that it went away from the original genre. In fact, many of the elements regarding survival horror disappeared.

The scares that used to be there have gone away, as does the dread after each moment spent on the Ishigura. Despite the fact that the horror genre has become less famous these days, it may have been making the gaming trends more profitable.

Close Quarter Environments

The claustrophobic environment of most horror genre gaming makes it more appealing to Dead Space fans. Basically, in the original Dead Space, you can experience the lack of open areas that would be safe to players.

Thus, the players were forced to go through maze-like tunnels and low-level ceilings. Nevertheless, these may still be a dangerous environment to hide, as necromorphs could come crawling when you least expected it.

To Revive The Psychological Horror

The idea regarding the nightmarish hallucination of the player was clearly experienced in Dead Space 2. This was the moment when the hero of the game was having issues with his mind that was slowly deteriorating.

This was less a factor in Dead Space 3, which should be brought back with real creativity in Dead Space 4. Moreover, this should even become more interesting with the addition of twisted apparitions and popup hallucinations.

Isaac The Weapon Crafting Engineer

If you played the game, Dead Space focused on the role of Isaac as an engineer than a soldier. The tools that Isaac used were lost in the third installment, which should create a more popular plot for the next game.

These are just a few of the many things that EA should look into so that the next installment will be more popular and profitable. Thus, EA should revive the game because the Dead Space franchise shows a promising future.

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