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8 Advantages of Investing in Professional Website Design Services

With how many people turn to websites to get information about companies today, you can’t do without a web presence anymore. However, it isn’t enough to have a simple site online with minimal information. Reports show that 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on their website design, so you need to create an excellent experience for your website visitors.

Look no further if you aren’t convinced that a professional website design offers more than a pre-built theme. Below are eight advantages you’ll see when working with a professional website designer.


1. Improve Your Branding

For some companies, the most branding they do is a unique logo for their website. While this may be enough for online businesses in some cases, it’s not great when you want to grow your website into a huge brand.

You need great branding to stand out online, and a unique website will help make that happen. Professional web design services will work with you to develop your brand’s image. Once you decide how to present your company, your designer will work to build your brand’s web identity.

2. Get Help With Maintenance

Your job isn’t done when you complete a web design. If you’re like most website owners, you use software and plugins to keep things running. Eventually, you’ll get updates for that software.

While website maintenance issues aren’t a big deal most of the time, you can occasionally run into issues. When you connect with a professional web designer, they may also offer maintenance services on top of their designs.

That means you can focus on growing your business instead of keeping your site online.

3. Better Performance

If all you do is throw a ton of plugins and images on a website, it’s no surprise when you experience a slow site. The more bloat you have, the more your visitors have to download.

Unfortunately, excellent performance is harder to achieve than you think. You have to have optimized images, website code, and unnecessary bloat.

A professional designer knows the web design trends that will make your site look great and not add to your page load time. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to load a professionally designed website.

4. Responsive Design

Designing a website that works great on every device isn’t easy. If you design on a desktop device, it’s easy to get something that looks great on your screen. However, things will look bad when you change the screen size.

Professional web designers know how to make responsive designs that look great on any screen size. They’ll build a site that checks a device’s size before rendering and change the design based on that size.

When so many people use mobile devices to browse the internet, a responsive design is a must.

5. Get Added Functionality

You can only get so much functionality from a pre-built website theme. They’re designed for basic websites that only have content. Designs are harder to make when you have added functionality to consider.

Your web design service will have development partners who can add extra functionality to your website. Whether you’re looking for website design for competition sites or want to build a community website, a professional service can offer everything you need.

You can check the services pages on web design companies to see how many additional services they offer. Some companies stop at eCommerce stores, while others will have teams dedicated to creating unique website features.

6. Optimize for SEO

It’s hard to understate the importance of SEO for businesses. It’s not always feasible to pay for traffic, so you need as many free traffic sources as possible. SEO is one of those traffic sources.

A professional design company is aware of what they need to do with your design to optimize for SEO. They’ll set up your meta information on every page and design your content to appear as rich text snippets on the search results.

The better you optimize your website design for SEO, the better chance you have of getting free search engine traffic in the future.

7. No Crashes

Even though it’s easy to bring a site online, it isn’t always easy to keep it running. It becomes more challenging to maintain as you add themes and plugins to your site.

Many of those extra features won’t work well together, which means you may experience crashes in the future. You won’t have this worry with a professional designer. They know how to make feature-rich sites that don’t run into these issues, so you won’t need to worry about future downtime impacting your business.

8. Improve Conversions

There’s more to a great website design than pretty colors and great images. Your website is a tool to drive new customers to your business. Unless you design things the right way, you won’t get many new customers.

An experienced web design company knows this and will optimize your website for conversion. You can add a call to action in the right places to drive visitors to the pages that generate new business. However, it does take skill to place these elements correctly.

You can expect the cost of a professional designer to pay for itself by looking at the improved conversion rate you’ll see with a properly designed site.

Invest in a Professional Website Design Today

In a world where consumers expect amazing web experiences, you can’t afford to launch a cookie-cutter website that offers nothing new. A professional website design won’t only provide a professional appearance for your brand, but it will also give your visitors an experience they’ll remember. Talk to a web design company today to see how they can improve your web design.

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